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  1. I agree with you. We need a combination of energy AND penetration. One or the other generally won't be enough.

    I also agree that for large animals (bear) we need a deep penetrating hollowpoint. That is why I carry XTP's in the woods as a backup to my SG or rifle. I really have gotten to like the Black Talons though. The expansion characteristics in the video I posted are superb. Yes, I know it wasn't flesh, but the expansion this bullet gives in water is a good example of what it may be capable of. If I get to the gun show this weekend I will keep my eye out for some. I wish Winchester still produced the 10mm Ranger round. That would be nice. Perhaps a call or email to Winchester is in order. It sure can't hurt, especially if we can convince them the 10mm is back on the rise and there will be a demand for factory ammo.

    I will disagree on one point you made. The data for 10mm shootings is lacking. I personally would like to see more data, with the different loadings / bullets / power levels. More data can only benefit the 10mm and shooting community in general.

    Thanks for the dialogue. :wavey:

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    Bunch of data right here in The 10 Ring.


    Deer are very similar to humans as per bullet/load performance. Although i'd also like to see more data specific to 10mm on humans, but, the data from .40 is virtually exactly the same, but with light loads.

  3. Ah...thankfully someone finally said it.

    I'll stick to worrying about whether I see him first and even get the chance to respond at all, even if with a dinner plate or my car keys. That should cover about 99.99999% of my personal defense issues.

    I'm 100% confident that whether I'm packing 230gr FMJs or 185 gr Gold Dots, my chances of survival have little to do with whether I'm even carrying or not. Did I hear the guy with the 2x4 come up behind me in time to get myself out of the way? Nope. But I'm packin' my 10mm loaded for bear, just the same.
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    This thread only seems ridiculous if you don't understand it.

    Shower us with your wisdom, Bongo Boy.
  5. lots of wisdom in these 2 paragraphs... situational awareness can negate the 'over-penetration' "problem".
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    The handle was sticking out so I thought that I would pull on it...

    All of this would be great, if these loads actually achieved their listed velocity. Check out "ammo test" on youtube for verification.
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