Overkill - Is This Too Much Scope for 10/22?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by Jake514, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I have no rifles but did recently buy a new 10/22 Target model with a stainless barrel for paper punching - no hunting. I would like to learn longer range shooting, etc. I realize it is no centerfire rifle but the significant drop in a .22 should help me learn mil-dot and compensate holdover, etc..

    I have been looking at a very nice Hawke scope with a very nice reticle in the $460 range with AO, parallex down to 15 yds., etc.. Is it worth while to get the higher price scope although it is much more scope than rifle?

    My choices:
    • Hawke 6.5-20x42 - very nice but overkill?
    • Hawke 4-24x44 (half price of the scope above) - decent reticle and would do the job nicely
    • Nikon rimfire - Passable reticle but should do the job on a .22.

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  3. mj9mm

    buy what you want, nothing says you can't move it to another rifle someday.

  4. I scoped my 17HMR with a Leupold VxIII 4.5x14. So I say use the scope you want. As mentioned by mj9mm, you can always move it to another rifle.
  5. Obviously buy what you want. But that much magnification does seem a lot for a gun typically shot at 50 yards :)

    What keeps you from buying a centerfire .308 to play with?

    9x, 10x, 12x makes more sense. But that's just me.

    Nothing wrong with the scopes you are considering. I'd like to try one on my AR :) Have a 9x now, and if money was no object, could use a 24x for fun at 300 yards. Had one on my 6mm, and that was nice. Have a 16x on my bolt-action .223.

    Magnification without optical quality and clarity is a big mistake, as things get fuzzy fast. But with a good scope, and no heat waves, high magnification is awesome. Just not something I associate with a .22. Bullet drop and wind will be huge beyond 100 yards, in my opinion.
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  6. I use a leupold 4.5-14x50 mark 4 lr/t...I say buy the best glass you can, you'll never regret it. Remember the old saying you pay for a cheap scope every time you miss your target.

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  7. Shooting a .22 out to 200 will teach you a lot about reading the wind and knowing your distance.

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  8. +1!

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  9. As far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as to much scope, for any rifle, no matter the caliber.

    Your idea for practicing with a .22, is a spectacular way to become proficient, in technique, for centerfire rifles. Not to mention the money savings.
  10. kirgi08

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  11. Yup, I think the OP is on to something :)

    Gonna be a cool .22 with one of those big scopes on it. Go for it!
  12. Ok, it's settled - I'll get the better quality scope. Thanks for the input.
  13. Now just don't forget turrets! Dopeing the scope is one really great way to learn angles and wind directions while giving you another option as opposed to hold overs. If your gonna go with large glass, might as well get something that will teach you a lot of other ropes.

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  14. toshbar

    toshbar Timber Baron

    I had a $5500 Hensoldt on my Saiga 5.45 for a while......:whistling:
  15. kirgi08

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  16. TunaFisherman

    TunaFisherman Halibut Hunter

    I like 3-9x40 rimfire scopes
  17. That is overkill for that gun.

  18. This ^
  19. If your going to punch paper and want groups like this, then you want GOOD optics period. I would suggest the Mueller 8-32x44 side focus target scope.
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  20. Sir thats some good shootin. If you cant see the target, your not gona be able to do that....
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  21. Overkill is underrated.

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