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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Kloogee, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Anybody else out there use Outdoor Hub on iOS and not able to get it to stop appending the dumb arse signature to the bottom of your posts?

    I've gone into the settings and have tried turning it off as well as deleting the text in the signature field. It works for that session, but the next time I launch the app, the dadgum default signature is back.

    Am I the only idiot that can't get the signature to go away?

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  3. I've had the same problem after the update for iOS6. Oh well.

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  4. I have to turn it off every time I log on.
  5. Instead of deleting the default signature (i.e., making it blank), try putting in a '.' (a ... period). It is stupid and not an ideal solution, but the app might redefault to the standard signature if you don't have one.
  6. Test w iPhone, signature on, but with single space as signature

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  7. Well ... fudge!

    It certainly is goofed up. I tried my suggestion (and couple variations) to no avail. it keeps reverting to the default signature after I stop the app and restart it.
  8. Well, glad I'm not the only one that can't figure it out. I'm sure it's OHub's way of trying o support their free app. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Before the last update I was able to change it and it would stick when I closed out and reopened later.

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  10. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member

    Any answer on this?

    Does Glocktalk endorse the app? I heard a rumor some other forum was dropping participation for some dispute.
  11. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Spend $3 on Tapatalk. It really is worth it. I figured I'd just use Ohub, since I don't browse GT a whole lot from my phone... but the ads were kinda annoying, so I figured I'd try Tapatalk. I used Tapatalk for about 20min before I knew that was the way to go.

  12. Cool GT's back on Tapatalk. Didn't know that. Thanks.

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  13. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    I'm pretty sure it was back on Tapatalk within days of the last hack.


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