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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by i_am_infinity, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Anybody here from Iloilo who can confirm something we were told by a prominent person in Iloilo.

    Is it true that it's a cultural thing for Ilonggo's to expect something in return or expect a reward for their actions or help?

    I'm baffled....kindly enlighten me please.


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  2. No. I don't expect any reward or expect something in return if I extend a helping hand to someone in distress specially to a fellow traveler. :wavey:

  3. we were told differently by someone prominent in the food industry in Iloilo.:supergrin:
  4. hindi naman. weird....cno sya?
  5. dinggaling

    dinggaling APO Traveler

    very true kuyang neil!
    also an Ilonggo traveler
    ILM#5 GLP
  6. I grew up in that place and don't expect anything in return for helping anybody.
  7. If within the length of my cabletow, Kuyang!:wavey:
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  8. Infinity, I can assure you that Ilonggos are mga mabuot and mabinuligon.:cool:

    Since you mentioned that a prominent Ilonggo in the food industry gave you that idea, I may be wrong but the description you gave clearly matches a notoriously undesirable person who is detested and loathed in our community.
  9. Ang mga Ilonggo ay hindi mayabang. Your source claims to be a prominent person in Iloilo. Your source is not the typical Ilonggo. Maybe he/she is expecting something in exchange for his/her help, which explains his/her statement. After all, there are always exceptions to the rule.

    Having said that, while Ilonggos will not expect any reward, some will gladly accept the reward if it is willingly and voluntarily given.
  10. He may be a mutant Ilonggo because a true Ilonggo will never go around telling all and sundry that he is prominent. Real Ilonggos, save for the few nouveau riche are very low profile and down to earth.
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  11. Greetings Brother.

    It sounds like a wonderful place. I have been researching it lately. My son is moving there is a few weeks. I have heard so many positive things about Iloilo.

    If you ever run into a Mormon missionary named Elder Bates, Say hi.

    Brother Bates
    Junior Warden
    Acacia 17
    F&AM of Utah
  12. Fraternal greetings Brother Bates!

    Like you I am also in the South and we likewise have an Acacia Lodge (No. 11) here in Iloilo. I'll PM you where the brethren publicly meet on a daily basis. Maybe your son could have the time to drop by and fellowship with us. :cheers:
  13. dinggaling

    dinggaling APO Traveler

    have a cousin Traveler in Iloilo, name is dr. mark rebadulla (vet med) you might have met him in one of the fellowships/ kit-anay ta sa ANCOM! :wavey:
  14. Doc Marc is a very close friend of mine. Very nice fun loving guy.
  15. dinggaling

    dinggaling APO Traveler

    copy kuyang, regards to him and bessie from, kuyang ding lobaton
  16. akula

    akula BizDuc NM
    Millennium Member

    Greetings... mga kuyang. ::243 R-X-D
  17. It's really surprising. This is the first time i've encountered someone from a province telling me that you always have to give gratuity for something they've done for you. i've been around our country and everybody is soooooo eager to help without anything in return. Sir Neil, may i know who you are referring to? :D
  18. So Mote It Be!!!
  19. meron pa bang libre dito sa Pilipinas?
    Di ko na yata matandaan when I've asked for a favor na wala kapalit

    Personally, I'd rather pay money
    Mas mahal ang utang ng loob
  20. I did talk to him and Bessie. They are also sending you their regards.

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