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OT: Camping tips for a city boy please.

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by junex, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. junex


    Dec 16, 2006
    Hi BOGS! Need your advice.

    My son goes to LSGH and in a little over a month they will be having their father and son camping (sanctioned by the BSP). It's for the bonding of the fathers and sons. It will be like roughing it with amenities.

    It will be a 3 days 2 nights event held in one of the resorts in Nasugbu, closer to Tagaytay I think. Estimated temp. at night according to organizers is 18-20°C. No electricity supplied to the camping grounds. Each class will be provided 4 bathrooms (which for my son's class would mean we will be sharing a bathroom with 8 other pairs). Food will be provided (buffet). A hospital is by the entrance of the site. Transportation to and from is by bus chartered by the school.

    Gear and essentials? Which can't I get by without? Which can I rent and where? Which do I really have to buy and what features do I have to look for? Although I would really love to commune with nature more often but I'm essentially a city boy. The only time I am sure we will be using this stuff again would be next year for the grade 4 father and son camping. I know that you get what you pay for but I also wouldn't want to spend a lot on something that would probably end up being stored more than used.

    The school has enlisted the services of Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) where we can rent a tent. So unless someone says otherwise I will go with this option.

    Sleeping bags:
    No please.:)

    Only backpack I have is a 1500 cu. in. 10 year old Kipling backpack.

    No cooking allowed (can't cook anyway..hehe) but snacks are encouraged in case food is not enough......for the dads.
    Any ideas on what to include in a kid friendly trail mix?
    Will bring some of those breakfast cereal bars and maybe peanut butter in a ziploc bag.
    Oh, the organizers are going to coordinate with the resort to set-up a concessionary stand for snacks......note to self, bring extra money.

    First-aid kit:
    Besides the hospital, the organizers are setting up a medical committee to handle first-aid. But you can never be too prepared. My wife's a doctor and is helping us organize our own first-aid kit, but I would still like to hear opinions from people with a first hand experience.

    Which do I bring the Steyr or the 1911?........kidding!:tongueout:

    All your inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. toxic


    Jan 15, 2005
    doin' time
    Flash light,knife, Coleman gas lamp,lots of bottled Water, Mosquito repellent (off Lotion),Sun Tan Lotion, extra clothes, toiletries, Phone(know the number of the local police detachment)
    Camera/video cam to capture the moments.

    Yes Money'll need that... Nasugbu/Tagaytay is not that isolated from civilization...anything you want to buy will be available there im sure.

    Some resort offer camping equipments/tents you might want to call the resort ref if they have. If they do have it ,rent it there so you will minimize the stuff you are taking for the trip.

    Enjoy and be Safe.

  3. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    I can usually sleep in any condition but one thing I should but always forget to bring is insect repellent
    I hate sleeping bags they're too hot , airbed nalang :)I prefer hummocks
    Tip : a 1.5 or 2 liter empty plastic bottle of coke wrapped in a towel makes an excellent pillow :) ubusin mo muna yung vodka'ng laman :)

    Peanut butter? di ba nakasira ng tyan yun?
    I used to mix nuts , dried fruit and mnms pag long bike rides pero ngayon Churva nalang. Churvalife hehe
  4. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    two of my sons go to la salle in alabang and we go to the annual father and son camping. this will be our third year. i'm a mountaineer myself a few years back (and about 30lbs ago).

    here's my advice on equipment:

    tent - buy your own tent. this is an investment, good tents are a little pricey but with minimum care they should last you years. rental tents are not reliably in good shape. remember this will be your only shelter. buy a tent that is roomy enough but not too big for your needs, kung dalawa lang kayo (will other sons join you in the years to come?) geta 3-man tent, kung tatlo get a 4-man, etc.

    backpack - if you will camp in a resort, near where your car/bus will park, you might not need a backpack. i find it more convenient to pack a big gymbag, easier to access the contents too. get your son a decent-sized pack. the locally-made mountaineering packs are good, montanara, habagat, etc...

    food, bring snacks lang. merienda-type grub that you dont need to cook.

    sleeping bags, you can bring blankets instead. more important are ground pads. to protect your back from the cold, hard ground.

    first aid kit : imodium, band-aids, off, alcohol, paracetamol

    bring : folding camp chairs 9worth their weight in gold for them old creaky backs), flashlights, batteries, extra batteries, candles even.
  5. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    I suggest you bring a malong. I find it the single most important item when camping. Pwedeng kumot, sleeping bag, tapis kapag nagbibihis ka, twalya or even a stretcher for emergency purposes. Its a must when travelling in bus lalo na kapag sobrang lamig ng aircon.

    +1 kay allegra on the hammock (duyan). You can have one made out of parka. Usually single sheet lang ok na but there's no harm in doubling thhe ply. Maipis pa din naman kahit doble. Make sure the double stitched and pagkatahi sa kabitan ng lubid.
  6. KevlarSix

    KevlarSix Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2006
    This would be indispensable in camping trips..

    Texsport Deluxe Tent Fan Combo light
    Two speed fan for superior air circulation
    High intensity white LED with magnifying lens for concentrated beam of light (great for reading)
    Convenient folding handle with hanging hook
    Uses 2 "d" size batteries, not included

    Another option..
    Coleman Magnetic Battery Tent Fan
    • Magnet secures fan without harming tent material
    • Soft pliable fan blade
    • 16-hour continuous run time
    • Operates on 1 D-cell battery

    Someone finally made tent fans. I always find it hard to sleep when it's sweating hot inside the tent. Now thanks to this fan I can sleep much better..

  7. junex


    Dec 16, 2006
    Thanks for all the input guys! I do have a few follow-up questions/comments.

    BTW, the resort is Chateau Royale in Batangas. Checked on it and its more Sports and Cpuntry Club than resort.

    Hammocks would be excellent but I don't know if there would be a place to fasten them. Campsite as far as I can tell is in open ground.
    Will look into airbeds.
    Peanut butter: my son is somewhat of a picky eater, actually eating is one of his least favorite activities. But if there's one thing I'm sure he will eat is peanut butter.
    Sorry for my ignorance but what is Churva?

    Will look into tents as you suggested. Any brand or particular feature other than size you can suggest?
    Good idea on the gym bag. On the orientation I attended last night, no one will be allowed in or out of the campsite once it is established (except in emergency situations of course) mainly for security reasons and I guess for a semblance of isolation. So we have to bring everything we will need with us.
    Air beds would qualify as ground pads right? If not, any features or brand to look for?
    BTW, are a member of Steyr Club also?

    If the temperature outside the tent is around 18-20C, would it be the same as inside? Although my son and I are used to sleeping in an airconditioned room, I usually try to keep the temperature at a comfortable 24C. So when the organizers mentioned the estimated temp at night, I was more concerned of freezing. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for all the info guys!

    ps. Other than being used as a tapis what other advantages does a full size bath towel have over a chamois type towel?
  8. kristiansen

    kristiansen Birdwatcher

    Dec 7, 2002
    on the road again
    tent: if you can afford it,buy a 4 man tent,approx.7 ft. x 7 ft.,pls. call ace hardware sucat and ask if they still have the wenzel blue tent.bought one last year for 1.7k.and set it up at home before camping so that both you and your kid will be familiar with the set up and settling down.

    sleeping bag: coleman cost around 1k but if you have a thick jacket,fleece,or an earthpad,inflatable pad,jacket and blanket will do.

    food: bring small portions of his favorite snack like corn flakes,coco crunch,biscuits,jelly gums,water or gatorade/poweraide.i will skip the nuts coz the oil from the nuts might irritate your stomach.

    backpack:your old backpack will do.

    essentials: off lotion,band aid,vaseline or vanadol.bonnet,head gear or gloves as it will be cold there.and medicine for cold/cough/fever/bum stomach.

    add-on: sure there will birds there.

    most especially: bring lots of patience.enjoy the outdoors with your kid.go and look for spiders,ants,bugs sure your boy is very excited now.goodluck! pray for good weather!
  9. KevlarSix

    KevlarSix Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2006
    Oops, I forgot how cold it can be there.. Usually here in Southern Philippines.. It can be quite hot.. Lalo na kung sa loob ng tent.. Can't sleep while sweating.. Maybe it's just getting used to it
  10. badshot9mm


    Feb 7, 2006
    Saudi Arabia
    i used to do these things when i was in highschool.

    bring items which can be used in more than one ways...

    example: your backpack can be used as a pillow if you can live with wrinkled clothes for the next days...

    if you have a poncho bring it. if it is strong enough it can be used as a tent by fastening to a tree or a nearby wall or a car or anything that is standing. it can be used as a hammock also.

    for clothes i usually think of the events like games and formal ceremonies. count them and add one for the number of clothes you'll need. also bring thick socks for your feet. its cold at night and in the early morning.long sleeves and thick jackets are welcome at night.

    mathces and lighters are also essential but only if you will be lighting a bonfire and or cooking.

    bring a good sized water container. I advise against carbonated drinks coz theyl more like make you thirsty.

    ETO FAVORITE NG MGA BOGS: KNIFE!!! have one that is about six inches in length good enogh for cutting small items like firewood, rope. etc.

    on cold and windy nights mosquitoes aren't a bother. its when theres no wind that you should apply insect repellant.

    have medications always handy and in sufficient amount for extended time frame. tama lang na magdala din ng gamot sa LBM at puritabs if the water is questionable. band aid and gamot sa sugat(forgot what its called e) is also nice to have around for minor scratches.

    FOOD. huwag po umasa sa pagkain na provided ng catering. uso ang food poisoning e... suggest canned foods and bread to sustain you for the duration of the event as back-up in case di nyo type and catering nila.

    tent. buy one if you can afford naman po e. kami kasi most of the time e bivouac lang kaya magaan ang gears na dala. exposed nga lang to the elements ang kutis ko...

    suggestion lang po ang akin...
  11. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    coleman tents are good value. not too expensive but plenty sturdy. if you're in makati, go to the park square branch in front of toby's.

    airbeds are even better than groundpads. meron din sa coleman.

    it's usually warmer inside the tent than outside.

    but i would think it will be cold in chateau royale in the mornings and early evenings.

    don't bring a big bolo or a large knife, baka maging source pa ng aksidente sa mga bata. bring a swiss knife and you'll be fine.

    bring a book. make friends with the other dads. there's nothing to do during the day, you'll get bored.

    sa gabi usually may activities, at may inuman.

    and yes, i'm registered in the steyr club kahit wala pa akong steyr. next project. :supergrin:
  12. 3kings

    3kings SalingPusa

    Jan 4, 2005
    im sure almost everyoned covered almost everything.

    but this is important!

    every camping activity needs a group cheer! and group call! prepare for it in advance
  13. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    or find a way to completely avoid having to do it. :supergrin:
  14. toxic


    Jan 15, 2005
    doin' time
    you might also consider telling stories to kids in the evening about ghost, forest, survival anyhting useful to open up the kids imagination.

    almost forgot a whistle a compass and a map neon or very intense colored tops or hunting vest yung orange might come in handy kung may wilderness trip.

    Trust me on the vest , my uncle almost shot a man , ume-ebs pala sa talahiban akala nya may kumakaluskos na Bayawak.
  15. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    cherva/churva/chorva is what my young athlete friends call the food drink we use in training. It's acually herbalife
  16. zorkd


    Sep 2, 2004
    bring anti allergy medicine, antihistamines.

    if they will allow you to do so, perhaps map reading and finding your way through the woods with a compass would be a good exercise to teach your son.

    happy camping, and oh yeah, kung hindi lang gun ban and hindi bawal, yung steyr na. para mabinyagan naman sa field yan. hehe
  17. revo


    Apr 27, 2003

    I looked up that Chateau Royale and that looks like a five star hotel with spa and cable TV !

    Anyways, it doesn't look like you and your son will be under any stress, depending on his age, of course. So I would go with the rented tent and not purchase your own.

    You also didn't mention the age of your son and that matters because if your son is too young and never slept outdoors nefore, he will whine and whine and whine and ask for his PSP or Gameboy until you give up and just get a room in that hotel!!

    I'm assuming you and your son will be sleeping on the ground inside your tent so you will need a insulated pad of some sort between the floor of the tent and you inside your sleeping bag. The sleeping bag will not be enough insulation unless you purchase a really high-end bag. Bring his pillow at home.

    So far, nobody has mentioned appropriate clothing so just be sure to bring appropriate warm clothes and shows and have your backup kapote for you both, if there's any anticipation of rain. Make sure you both have at least one jacket or sweater that has a hoodie.

    If it rains, things become a bit interesting for you and your son and there's some other stuff you have to do if you want to still keep sleeping in that tent. Not sure whether that tent they rent out will hold up to rain.

    If there's a typhoon, let us know whether you decided to brave it out or remain in that tent !

    So here's my minimalist shopping list for you -

    2 - sleeping pads or substitute like plastic banig, folded twice
    2 - sleeping bags. Almost any kind will be OK for your temperature range.
    2 sets - rainwear for you both.

    Optional Fun Extras ( or stuff that would make your trip more fun for your kid at extra cost and only if you have the money to spend)

    2 - LED headlamps. Indispensable at night. Fun.
    2 - If there is a hike, Camelbak hydration packs for you and your son. Your son would love this because there's a coolness factor.
    2 - Pair of FRS radios. Your kid would think this is so cool because you can relax and read a book somewhere and he can radio you any time with his friends.
    1 - Binoculars (as recommended by somebody already), if you don't have one already. That's not for you to look at the chicks by the swimming pool, but for your son and friends to look at nature.

    Also, since your wife is already a doctor, she will be in a better position to bring the first aid.

    You don't need much because hindi kayo malayo sa sibilisasyon.
  18. junex


    Dec 16, 2006
    Thanks for all the great advice guys. You helped me figure out what to include in the packing list. Also learned a few things.

    My son is 9 years old. He never slept outdoors before but he's a little trooper.

    During the school's initial presentation of the site I heard a few fathers comment that it doesn't look like camping but more like an outing. However, during the orientation, the organizers stressed that oneone can leave the campsite other than for emergencies, so no access to the hotel or the facilities unless it's included in the activities. We won't even be allowed to go out to buy food. I guess they want to simulate the outdoors in an environment that's as safe as possible.

    Each class is provided with 4 apartment type units for the use of the bathroom only. And maybe as shelter in case the weather turns really bad. That would be about 9 adults and 9 kids per room in case of a typhoon. Bonding nga.:rofl:

    No hints on the activities yet since according to the organizers the BSP hasn't submitted them yet.

    Was excited to see, during the first presentation, that there was a paintball course but dunno if it will be included in the activities. Probably not.

    Sayang din, according to their website they have a firing range.

    Oh and it would only be father and son. Even if other members of the family or friends decide to check in in the hotel they won't be able to enter the campsite. Security reasons I guess.
  19. Canned fruit cocktail. Those little cans that you can open without a can opener (has the easy-open flick thing like on a can of coke). (If you do any hiking you will get thirsty and the liquid in the fruit cocktail helps the solids go down. Hiking/climbing makes your mouth get dry and you need some liquid to get food down.)
  20. When I read this thread, this is the first thing that came to mind...