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Ordered rifle, now which Scope?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by DeepBlue, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. DeepBlue


    May 31, 2006
    Little Rock
  2. ZekerMan

    ZekerMan ZekerMan

    Feb 21, 2010
    If price does not matter get a Leupold of your choice, or Nikon if budget minded but still getting a fine scope

  3. For shooting long range you will want to be able to adjust the verticle turret to compensate for bullet drop over the distance you shoot. So choose a scope that has an adjustable turret.

    What is your price range?
  4. whitebread

    whitebread ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

    Nov 29, 2010
    Raleigh, NC
    In addition to adjustable, exposed turrets, make sure you have a side parallax knob. The ones where you have to spin the eyepiece are a huge PITA. It is also smart to pay the price now and get a FFP if you are going to get serious about shooting 400+ yards.
  5. porkchop817


    Nov 9, 2007
    How much are you wanting to spend? That is the first question.

    If money is no object you can get some amazing scopes, but they will cost $1500 on up to however many thousands you are willing to part with.

    Nightforce, US Optics, Schmidt & Bender, etc are some of the Elite scopes.

    Check out
  6. 427


    Nov 23, 2009
    I have VS SF in .308 and have a Super Sniper 10x42. It does everything I need it to.
  7. muscles

    muscles CLM

    Sep 7, 2004
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2012
  8. hogfish

    hogfish Señor Member

    Aug 4, 2005
  9. Bruce M

    Bruce M

    Jan 3, 2010
    S FL
  10. 1time

    1time Lifetime Member

    Jun 13, 2005
    Baltimore, Md
    Vortex Viper PST. You can get them in FFP or SFP and MOA or Mrad. The reticle makes it easy to range and the scope is illuminated. They track well, and have great customer service if you have a problem with them. I am thrilled with mine. I have a 4-16 FFP and have a 6-24 FFP backordered.
  11. D3S3RT_P3NGU1N


    Feb 29, 2008
    It isn't an "issue", its supposed to be that way and with good reason. Because the reticle appears to change size as you change the level of magnification it means that you can use your reticle effectively at any magnification setting. With a second focal plane optic your reticle is only useful at a single power setting.

    I posted this explanation of the versatility of an FFP mil/mil optic in another thread

    Now that isn't to say that SFP scopes don't have their uses, if you're shooting benchrest or ELR you want as fine a reticle as possible to maximize your view of the target and your precision, but for almost any other type shooting FFP is the way to go.

    Making sure that your turrets match your reticle is also key. Personally I prefer mils (also known as mrads) because it makes the math involved very simple and easy to do quickly in your head.

    As for what optic to choose, there are lots of solid choices out there in the $1000 price range. This would be my choice

    However, there is another even better option if you're willing to look around. A few months back there was a huge group buy over on snipershide for the SWFA SS HD 5-20x50mm where it went for $1000 ($500 off the usual price). They are fantastic scopes, I bought one for my nephew to use on his first precision rifle (also a 700 AAC-SD). Its no S&B or USO, but it is by far the best $1000 optic I have ever used. You can find them for around the $1100 range NIB or LNIB over on the snipershide for sale forum pretty easily.

    Scope at SWFA

    Optics for sale at Snipershide

    Review of the SS HD 5-20x50mm

    [ame=""]SWFA SS HD 5-20X - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]SSHD 5-20x Production Model Review - YouTube[/ame]
  12. i have the same rifle and currently run a millett trs-1 on it with weaver rings and a 20moa base. it was the cheapest i felt ok with at the time. it has been fine and shoots well but if i had my choice, i would run Seekins rings and a 20moa base with a vortex Viper PST which is the top of what i feel comfortable spending. if money were no object, i would still run the seekins rings and base but upgrade to either a vortex razor hd 5-20x or a nightforce 5.5-22x.

    i would also recommend talking to and ordering from Scott at Liberty Optics. great guy. i dont get anything for this recommendation but he has had several long email conversations with me in the recent past trying to figure out what i want to upgrade to. he is a straight shooter and will even steer you into something he doesnt sell if its what is best for you. customer service is a lost art.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2012
  13. Slackinoff


    Sep 20, 2011
    D3s3rt, awesome post.
  14. hogfish

    hogfish Señor Member

    Aug 4, 2005
    Thank you for the explanation. When he said "100-600 yds", I figured " maximize the view of your target and your precision..." was the 'issue', but there is obviously more to it than I realized.

  15. failsafe


    Oct 25, 2003
    Might be a bit of over kill, but Nightforce makes some quality optics,,Not cheap,,I had one of these on a 50 cal sniper rifle...
    5.5-22 x 56 NXS
  16. BBJones


    Mar 2, 2010
    With a $1000 budget for everything. I would go with Weaver tactical 3-15 mil/mil illum or a Vortex PST.

    Then get seekins base and rings.

    $700 - Weaver tactical
    $240 - Seekins base and rings
  17. What is necessary in a sniper scope is:
    1. Enough vertical adjustment to shoot out to 1000 yards. This is around 30moa of UP.
    2. Zero stop. (So you can crank back to 100 yd zero and know where you are).
    3. At least 10x magnification and more is better (up to 25x, no more than that is needed.

    The MOA/Mil choice is up to the user, with Mils winning in popularity, but most of us have been using MOA, so its still a valid choice. Both work.

    The Front Focal Plane/Second Focal Plane is up to the user, both work. Again FFP being the trend, though some have good reasons for SFP.

    Plan on a 20moa picatinny rail base, that has become pretty much standard.
  18. CheddarB


    Dec 9, 2010
    Vortex good products and great customer service...