Optics decision for .308 Battle Rifle......

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Airborne Infantryman, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Trying to keep weight down to about 11 pounds unloaded.........

    Here's what I have so far-

    LWRC REPR 16"


    - VLTOR EMod (Being replaced with MagPul CTR)
    - Troy BUIS
    - MagPul MIAD grip
    - MagPul AFG2
    - SureFire M300A w/ SR07 switch
    - Vortex Flash Hider

    I'll be right at or below 11 pounds if I go with a Trijicon TR24G.........the 1-4x is definitely something I like, however, I'm having a hell of a time trying to decide between the TR24G 1-4x24, or the TA11E-G 3.5x35 ACOG.

    BAC works for me, so I'm thinking the TA11 ACOG should be decent up close, however, not sure what I wanna do yet.

    I will say the TR24G w/ ADM Mount combo is $845 from Primary Arms, and the TA11E-G ACOG is $1148 shipped........so I'm looking at a $300 difference.

    Thoughts? I don't plan on using this thing past 500 meters. I KNOW I can hit a man sized target at 500m with a 4x ACOG, so I don't think it'll be an issue with a 3.5x.

    My concerns for the TR24G are durability, mainly. Anything with more moving parts is gonna be less reliable, IMHO.

    This isn't meant to be a precision rifle...more so, something to offer me a little more range than my 14.5" 5.56 rifle w/ 4x ACOG.


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  3. NeverMore1701

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    If it were me I'd go with the ACOG, just because ACOGs ****ing rule.

  4. Not to hijack your thread, Are you interested in selling the Emod since you're replacing it?
  5. Not sure yet. Gonna try the CTR on it first, then I'll sell whichever one I don't like.
  6. Id say that the acog was really made for this exact use. It is tougher than the accupoint and offers the bac reticle. Which is faster to aim and provides enough magnification to get the job done. So Acog all the way on this one.

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    Just got a brand new TA11E-G for $1060 shipped and insured from a Trijicon Master Dealer.

    I'm only paying $120 more than I would for the AccuPoint. :cool:
  8. Congrats ai. I figured you would go with the Trijicon product. Are you mounting a bipod on this REPR?
  9. I'm probably gonna keep the AFG......if I scrap the AFG, I'm gonna put a Grip Pod it.
  10. My goal was the same as yours. I wanted to double the power and effective range of my AK74, so I put a 2x ACOG on a SCAR 17. It is an awesome set up, and there isn't much it can't do.
  11. At one point I had similar dilemma, I have no regrets with the TA11E
    I would post a pic but I went over the quota.
  12. double check the bullet drop compensator on that thing. It was calibrated for only one bullet/powder/barrel/density altitude combination.

    Changing one of those things could mean a miss, particularly out at distance.

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