Optic and BUIS fitting on rail?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Osborne, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. If any of you remember, I'm the one who started up a thread a couple weeks back deciding between the Stag Arms Model 1 and Model 2. And you all persuaded me into ordering the Colt LE 6920. Well it's going to be coming in Tuesday.

    My questions is what is the length of the picatinny rail? I'm still trying to decide between an Eotech or an aimpoint I'm just really liking the field of view on the Eotechs and I believe with the Eotech 517 I can get a 1/3 co-witness. Problem is I don't know if it will fit along with a magpul buis. The eotech 517 has the buttons on the side so the buis can fit snuggly, the length of it is 5.6" and the magpul buis length is 2.8".

    Of course this is all going to have to wait awhile to save up enough money for the optics, I just like having everything planned ahead.

    Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. I'm learning slowly but surely.

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  2. faawrenchbndr

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    Both a BUIS & an EoTech or Aimpoint will fit on the receiver rail

  3. This, and with room to spare.
  4. I had a 517 and a Magpul Gen1 BUS on just the receiver top rail. With the raised base of the 517 the front of the sight can extend over the handguard very easily. Good choice.
  5. Same thing here. Plenty of room.
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    I'd advise an Aimpoint, but any Eotech will fit with BUIS on any standard receiver rail.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm still deciding between Eotech and Aimpoint so that's not really final yet, it's just if I do get an Eotech it will be the 517. I have plenty of time to decide.

  8. How good was the co-witness to the front sight post?
  9. OP, your avatar looks suspiciously like Jay's in Panama City...

    If you're dead set on an EO Tech, the 517 is one of the last units I would buy. The XPS series is a MASSIVE improvement over the older style EO Tech optics, and some of the base model XPS series can be had for around $450-500.

  10. Haha, that's because it is :tongueout: and that's a Glock 18 in the picture. You from around there? :wavey:

    What's the reasoning why? The main reason on the Eotech that I like the 517 is it takes double a's.
  11. I am, but I don't head into Panama City that often. Plus, I'm not really a big fan of them any more. I even stopped using their ranges, even though I just renewed my membership in August.

    Part of the problem is the battery choice, actually. A lot of AAs were failing due to heat, recoil, or combination thereof in deployed locations. Plus, the battery contacts were not able to hold good contact with the battery, and the sights were prone to cutting off when the recoil forced the battery too far back inside the compartment. I also seem to remember that the AA models were prone to killing the batteries more quickly unless you used more expensive lithium batteries, which negated the advantage of AAs being cheap.

    The XPS series uses a transverse (ie: sideways) mounted 123A battery, so no more issues with weak battery contacts causing them to cut off. Plus, 123As offer steadier power than most AA lights, and they're still relatively cheap and easy to find. Almost any decent gun store will sell 12 packs of them, and even Lowes sells 2-packs of Surefire brand 123a's for under $5 a pair.

    Either way, even the XPS series isn't going to give anywhere near the battery life of an Aimpoint, and the pre-XPS models definitely won't give you the durability.

  12. I'm from Paintsville, Kentucky but I'm down in PCB a lot I have family there that I stay with months at a time during my school breaks, summer, and winter etc. I dont think I'm going to go down this winter.
    They were REALLY expensive I just went to look around, turned out it cost $50 per 25 rounds (Thats not even a full happy stick!!!!) for the Glock 18 so I just ended up fondling it for free. They seemed like really nice folks though, and extremely helpful.

    I'm kinda leaning into Aimpoint then I guess, The main reason I wanted the Eotech 517 is I would of hated to track those odd batteries down but like you said they aren't hard to find apparently, I just figured AA would be more convenient at the downside of the sight being bulkier.
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  13. Amazon for online purchases of the battery for the M2/3/PRO, or Batteries Plus (and probably many other specialty battery and camera shops) for local locations. I will happily pay $4 for a battery that lasts well over a year in my Aimpoint. I usually buy them in pairs - one fresh one in the optic, and a fresh spare in the sealed compartment in my LaRue mount.

  14. I read on here in my last thread that the Aimpoint Pro has a 3 year battery life, I don't know if I'll get the Pro, I tried looking last night at Aimpoints sights but the site was struggling I'll check again in a bit.
  15. That's about right. I think it's roughly 15 months for the M2, 4 years for the M3, 3 years on the PRO, 5 years for the Micro, and 8-9 years for the M4.
  16. I'm liking the Aimpoint CompM4's but don't think I'll be able to afford the price tag :faint:
  17. faawrenchbndr

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    I've been running a M2 I bought used for the last six years
  18. I don't like the weight of them. Like many things, if you hunt around (and willing to buy used) you can get some good deals on optics.
  19. Co-witness was in the lower third of the window. The nice thing about the Eotech is that it is a holographic sight-- very forgiving of head position. So long as you see the circle and dot then the dot is pointing to where the bullet will go. It is not dependent upon an absolute in-line view as with irons. When I was simply relying on the Eotech for sight picture the iron sights were unobtrusive to me. Of course the MBUS stayed down as a general rule, when I would pop it up and use irons then the Eotech dot sat right on top of the front sight post.
  20. Cole125

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    Plank, while we are talking about Aimpoints and batteries, what is the average shelf life of Aimpoint batteries?

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