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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by PrecisionRifleman, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. The reference really required doing stuff I mentioned, if you carried the pistol you posted a pic of like I do mine, it wouldnt look like that.

    Carrying one repetitively to go grocery shopping, is a little different than crawling around under cars, sliding on asphalt to see whats up underneath, upside downing yourself on a cars rollcage to peek at the wiring under the dash etc.

    I didnt say people dont carry them consistently, just that it wouldnt be a good idea to do the type of work some people do, constantly, with some $3000 custom gun.

    Just like LandRover posts all sorts of pictures of their vehicles doing all sorts of offroading, etc, yet a bunch of soccer moms drive them around, and the most offroading they see is going over a speedbump.

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  2. I have a full size TLE/RL II with several thousand rounds through it. It's been perfect and eats whatever I give it.This includes WWB, Speer Lawman, 230g +p HST, and Gold Dots.

    I have no issues with the weapon. The only holster wear I can see is slight wear at the muzzle on either side of the slide, but it's minimal.

    My guns are tools, so even if it does wear, to me it's not a huge deal.

    Based on my experience, I would buy another Kimber. I am looking for a 10mm Eclipse right now.

  3. I spoke with a few people who were carrying Kimber's at the range yesterday. Every person I spoke with loved their Kimber saying they never have had any malfunctions even after 1000's of rounds. Based on experiences from actual owners I am pretty convinced the Kimber is a solid 1911. There are some very nice custom 1911's made by other companies but Kimber seems to be the best offering in regards to reliability and *price* for most people. I think *most* people are not going to be willing to spend 2k-4k on a weapon for daily carry for fear of wear. That being said I sure do like custom offerings by other makers...just not comfortable making such a pricey weapon a carry piece and I'm not huge on safe queens. At this point I'm leaning toward the Kimber for the balance of economy and reliability.
  4. Rinspeed

    Rinspeed JAFO

    The older Kimbers are so much nicer I'm not sure I would even buy a new to tell you the truth.

  5. Very nice Kimber!! I'm have my eyes pretty set on the Dan Wesson VBOB in the black finish, but the price difference between it and the Kimber still has me on the fence.
  6. Very nice, I need to find a clackamas one I grew up there.
  7. If you're serious about Duty Coat VBOB, spend $200 more and get a Kobra Carry or Special Forces Carry. Much better gun for the money. :thumbsup:

    The VBOB is a sweet gun for $1,400. Not so much at $1,900.
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  8. Yes, but this one time I was carrying, and the guy at Starbucks gave me a single mocha frapaccino instead of a non fat toffee mocha frapaccino, so I had to, like go totally back to the store again, so that was like carrying twice in one day........

    is actually what you said, don't arse about.....

    HEY OP !

    whatcha going to get anyway ?
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  9. Cool sweet, what I typed didnt fully go into the types of things im doing when carrying my Kimber.

    Good job pointing out the obvious, instead of comprehending the explanation.

    So uh, like I said, you ready to check out some cars, maybe change out a clutch with your lesbaer or wc on your hip ?
  10. Do you drop your gun fairly regularly as you're working under cars ?
    Is it somehow getting entangled in clutch cables ?
    Every now and again, is it jumping out of it's holster and landing in your toolbox ?
    Because unless you're you're using a very, very sad holster, the pragmatic BS detecting side of me is trying to imagine the extra wear it's getting in your holster that mine's missing, or the "Big Chance" that you're taking working on cars.

    I have worked under/in/around my car wearing my pistol, a Novaks Hi Power at the time...Had all my interior out, replaced my brakes, my suspension, tranny pan blah blah blah, but most of the time, i'd put it on the seat or my toolbox lid, not because i was worried about "wear" but just because it was the comfortable thing to do.

    anyway, sorry for the thread crapping OP, whatcha get ?
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  11. Whats a clutch cable ? :rofl:

    Does that go along with a "carburetor"

    Yes sometimes its convenient to remove your weapon, however i've had to deal with working on cars competing in events, where it sometimes isnt gonna work for me to just relocate it, put it somewhere safe. Time may not allow, or sometimes just cant reasonably do it for other reasons. Its had its fair share of scrapes on asphalt as I rolled over on it, or slid under a car and my shirt moved a bit exposing it.

    Junkyards searching out a part sometimes ? Hey they like to use rocks for flooring, cant just place your pistol up on the cowl of the car at the junkyard and go unbolting a differential now can you ?

    Like I said before, having high end guns that carefully fitted, sweet, however the difference between a full race motor blueprinted to that last .00001" or the perfectly matched to .001% valvespring seat pressure on every cylinder might be nice, but plenty of production engines get people down the road every day reliably.

    Dont claim everyone needs a ferrari, or porsche, to get to the grocery store :upeyes:
  12. This is just a bunch of HATER-AID...

    If one has the money for a Ferrari, Porsche or any other "high-end exotic" cars and want to buy one, good for them. There's nothing wrong with driving that car as a daily driver. I know guys who drives their Nissan GTR's in the snow as daily drivers. To them, it's just another car (crazy fast car). I'm sure a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T would be a fine daily. But if they can afford to drive the GTR as a daily, more power to them.
  13. Reading comprehension isnt good with you is it ?

    There is a difference between saying dont buy one, they suck, and wont do the job, and saying "hey, theres something available thats pretty awesome"

    You also wouldnt want to choose a nissan GTR if you're going offroading every weekend through a bunch of forest, might damage the car a bit huh ?

    oh and GTR's are slow :)
  14. Don't think I did...nope, checked...
    You said you'd like to know who carried a high end gun as religiously as you carry your Kimber. I answered. I apologize for not sufficiently rolling around on the ground , but as you're making this all about your rugged motorsporting life, i cannot possibly compete..You win Sir, well played............
  15. No, i'm making this about choosing the right tool for the job.

    You're making this about people must buy an expensive custom built, high priced pistol for EDC, completely ignoring the fact that regular production pistols will get the job done just fine.
  16. nope. never said that, never inferred that, didn't ever never do it. Not even close.
    If I did, find it.....:popcorn:

    Still don't believe in clutch cables...?

    Holy sweet heck, has this gone off topic...apologies to the OP
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  17. Clutch cables ?

    It was a joke, thus the carb reference

    As in they're a thing of the past, most things have hydraulic clutches now :tongueout:

  18. Are you serious? :upeyes: I'm a completely stupid arse. But at least I can keep the comparisons on point. You can't keep a discussion and comparison on topic. Now you're referencing using a GTR for off-road use?! You keep changing the comparison perspective. Yeah that makes sense. :upeyes:

    You haven't made a solid or valid point in any of your posts. the OP is just going to CCW the thing. It's not like he's an operator that will be banging it up. And if he is, he didn't mention it in any of his posts.

    We were talking about comparing 1911's and then you reference carrying it and rolling around under or inside a car, fixing it. Who the h3ll cares about how the owner will carry their pistol. It's his/her money and they can buy whatever the h3ll they want, and decide how or where they want to carry it.

    Most of the people are saying to save the money and 1) add a slight bit more and get a better fit/finish pistol, or 2) look for a used pistol that has a nicer fit/finish.

    So if you're going to reference an analogy to cars, then it would be like this; Instead of spending $30K to buy a new Chevy Camaro, just save up a little more and get a used Corvette Z06. Both cars will do the job of getting you from A to B, and will be fun around corners. But the better engine and suspensions on a used Z06 will be worth the extra.

    But then my reading comprehension isn't good with me... :whistling:

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