Opinons on 2 Kimbers I am interested in

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by PrecisionRifleman, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Sounds like they are going to make it right. Hope they do and it runs for you the way it supposed to.

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  2. I had two kimbers. The first was a tle which ran perfectly and it's trigger was so nice that my friends still bring it up. I sold it due to bills. The second was a used raptor. That was was having some failures to feed. I took it to a local smith, he checked the extractor, polished the feed ramp, and turned the recoil spring back around (yes, input it back in backwards). It ran great after that. I sold it to buy my no name.

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    :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Kimbers are low on the quality scale as far as small parts go, relative to Colt and Springfield anyways. They do have a higher amount of tolerance stacking aswell from my experiences. This is what bites them in the arse.... sorry but the excuse of selling a number of 1911s therefore they will have more problems doesn't work. Didn't work for Colt when their QC went to crap decades ago either.

    From the Custom II to the SUPER DUPER GOLD MATCH there is literally no difference in small parts, barrel etc. Kimber has no custom shop and they nearly charge custom shop prices.
  5. What????????:wow:
  6. But it says "Custom Shop" right on the slide. :faint:
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    Do you even know what tolerance stacking is. :upeyes:
  8. I don't. What is it?
  9. Absolutely, DO YOU? If you care to relay something that involves critical thinking involving what I said then by all means.....

    Goes back to what I said about the "custom shop." But hey if you think they cherry pick their parts for their higher end guns and spec them out in the said "custom shop" then by all means, keep on believing it.
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  11. you might be surprised, my EDC is this Wilson b'tail, the only time it's not on my hip is when I'm not wearing trousers...
    it's with me at work right now, will be tomorrow and the day after.... well, that would be Saturday, but you get my drift....
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  12. IWC. :drool:

    You have great taste in pistolas and timepieces my friend.
  13. Same here, Asiparks. I plan on having this on my hip anytime I walk out of my house when I pick it up next month.

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    I love the assumptions that expensive pistols never get carried or used.

    I challenge those to post their holster wear from training, surely there is some.

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    Compared to whose custom shop? None I've ever seen. I'm not sticking up for Kimber, I'm not a fan- I'd just like to see what custom shop has models under $1000.
  16. [​IMG]

    thankyou Sir ! :supergrin:
  17. Holysh1t. :wow: :drool:
  18. I don't think you see the point of contention here...Kimber DOESN'T have a "Custom Shop." Therefore, it's some what false to brand some of their 1911, "Custom," when there's NOTHING custom about it...it's straight up production.

    While Springfield does truly have a "Custom Shop," So it's completely legit to have their pistols branded "Custom" because it came from their Custom Shop.
  19. Wow! That's more impressive than any 1911 pics I've seen here.
  20. Now thats one fine looking 1911!!!!!

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