Opinons on 2 Kimbers I am interested in

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by PrecisionRifleman, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hello GlockTalk,

    I'm really wanting to get a nice 1911. I have two pistols that I'm considering which are the Kimber Pro TLE II and the Kimber Eclipse Pro II. I really really like the finish and grips that come with the Eclipse Pro II and that is what I am leaning towards buying. I don't really know much about the reliability with hollow points with the 2 or of any other possible issues so I thought I'd reach out to you 1911's guys for some feedback.

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  3. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Between those two, I'd go with the TLE Pro.

  4. dnuggett

    dnuggett PRO 2A

    Why are you considering only Kimber?
  5. I saw the Kimber and Springfield in a local shop and I really liked them both however it seems Kimber has more options in the higher quality line. I could very well be wrong as I don't have much experience with the nicer quality 1911's. I do like Wilson Combat however they are more expensive than the Kimber by a fair amount. I'm honestly not wanting to spend more than $1,200, but I am willing to spend up to $1,500 out the door. That being said I've really liked the finish of the Kimber Eclipse for a long time now (ever since I first saw one at a gun show about 3 years ago). I don't want to pay for a gun that only looks good because I also want to CCW the weapon so reliability is high important to me. Any feedback from owners or anyone who has ran one through it's paces is appreciated. I am mostly looking for any potential reliability issues as I have heard of people having issues with high end 1911's not feeding hollow points without issues. If there are any other brands in my price range that I should be considering please let me know so I can make sure I'm getting the best bang for my hard earned dollar.

    Below is a link to the pistol I am seriously interested in.

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  6. Sounds awful high to me. Maybe I'm just out of touch. That's getting close to Les Baer or used Wilson prices.
  7. The Eclipse is very pretty, but the finish was notoriously prone to wear, especially if carried, which is what you want to do... of the 2 mentioned, i would take the TLE Pro. If you have your heart set on Kimber, you might also consider the Super Carry Pro or wait a while for the steel framed Super Carry Pro HD to come out. Both lack the shwartz safety ( generally considered a good thing) and have excellent sights and the 2 tone KimPro finish might be considered attractive.
    The bobtailed butt may or may not work for you though, it's something you'd have to personally try.....
    ...$1500 will get you a gently used Les Baer Stinger or a new stainless Dan Wesson VBOB, both vastly better than Kimber with regards to fitting and parts quality.
  8. I'm not necessarily set on the Kimber. Honestly it's the only 1911 that I have held that felt to be made of superior quality. I would rather buy a slightly used 1911 that is of superior make to the Kimber if it is nicer. I didn't know that the Eclipse finish was prone to wear, and now knowing that it is removed from my list. I am only willing to spend this kind of money on a steel frame handgun. I want the most strength and quality I can get as this will likely be the only pistol I have in this price range.

    I just took a look at the Dan Wesson you recommended and I have to say that is one fine looking 1911. Thank you all very much for the feedback.


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  9. Looking closer at both the Kimber and the Dan Wesson I notice that the Dan Wesson slide is a tighter fit. I had no idea 1911's got into such detail and quality. I feel that I may be willing to invest a little more money into this venture.
  10. If you can swing $1500, save a little longer and Get a Les Baer or have a Springfield Mil-Spec built at the Springfield custom shop.

    Kimbers are fairly low on the quality scale, no matter what trim they come with...
  11. Came across this finish in the Dan Wesson. This finish is about $250 more than the stainless however I like the black finish much more. Is this price the going rate or is this too high?

  12. That seems too high, but it is a nice gun.

    For that much money, I buy a Springfield Mil-Spec and have it built exactly they way I wanted it.

    This is a G.I. I had built at Springfield for about the same money as that Wesson would cost.

  13. TheJ

    TheJ NRA Life Member
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    You might try looking at some of the 1911 forums for info as well.
  14. make sure you get a steel frame so when it stops working you can throw it.
    seriously kimber would be my very last option,you can get good stuff for cheaper or a little bit more.
  15. For $1200 - 1500..........get a TRP.
  16. Read Bac's write up under the 1911 faq and review section. He gives a review of A LOT of guns. He put a lot of work into it and I bet you will find it helpful.
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  17. the black finish is some form of salt nitriding aka Melonite aka Isonite aka Atrinite. Is is as about a wear resistant finish as you can get, I have it on my dan wesson CBOB and love it.... That black VBOB is a quality weapon, however,
    it's worth checking GB and the classifieds here. I picked up this Ed Brown Kobra and this Baer Premier for less and there 's been quite a few other decent Kobra Carrys , Special Forces Carrys and Stingers in that price range...

    Also check here on Elite deal seeker

    here's my Kimber Super carry, Dan Wesson CBOB and Ed Brown Kobra. The DW and EB are so far above the Kimber in terms of finish, fitting, component quality etc that it's not even funny...Why do I have the Kimber ? because it was used, cheap and I was curious....or was that my first wife...?

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  18. LOts of good recommendations here!!! Used LB's, EB's, and DW's are awesome guns. If you wanted a gun that was higher quality than either of the Kimber's you mentioned and also CHEAPER, check out the STI Trojan.
  19. For under $1,500 all-in....if you want a 4.25", I'd get a VBOB. Above that, get a Baer.
  20. PhoneCop

    PhoneCop TeleDetective

    I recommend discounting the Kimber haters, many of whom who never owned one, had a unique bad experience with one, or have heard the repeated complaint seeming from vocal minorities.

    Every Kimber owner I can verify loves their Kimber.

    I own two. Not a single complaint.

    Of the two, I'd hedge towards the TLE. Though I suspect you'd be pleased with either.

    Note, I did not disparge any other brand of 1911. I did not repeat any hearsay negatives against another manufacture or report any negative informatin about brands I've personally observed, as they are truly irrelevent.
  21. Where are you hiding the "Kimber haters" in this thread? Did I miss something? :dunno:
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