Opening Day Dove Just a Few Days Away

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Robalero, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Robalero

    Robalero Texican

    Well, our annual opening day dove hunt is coming up. We luck out here in south Texas, Whitewing is the preferred target. Anyone gearing up! I'm good to go, just need to pick up some sirloin for the pit that afternoon!

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  3. Over here in AZ we have a lot more public land, national forest than in TX. When I lived in TX, north of Ft. Worth, there wasn't a lot of places to go to shoot.

    5 of us plan to be out first thing Saturday, 9/1. We form a line in front of the river, such as it is here in AZ, and wait for them to come in out of the fields. I was scouting this past Saturday and the mourning doves are already here so it should be pretty exciting this 3 day weekend.

  4. I will be shooting Mourning doves by mid sept. Have plenty of shells all ready to go. :wavey:
  5. I got to go out for dove today for the first time ever. Wow, that was fun!!! I am kind of hoping the wife calls and decides to stay up in anthem with her friend again tonight so I can go again tomorrow morning! This is nothing like shooting clays! I wish this was open all year round!:supergrin:
  6. Robalero

    Robalero Texican

    Yeah, opening day was definately fun. We went to a ranch close to the Rio Grande River, no border wall, it's southern edge around two hundred yards form the river. Man, they were out in full force, whitewing, and yeah, we shot our limit. It was awesome!
  7. I didn't really have a good dove hunt this past weekend largely in part to we cut all our beans and corn before Isaac hit last week and it scattered the small concentration of birds we did have! I have had several buddies do really well this weekend but it was a bust on my farm. I took the lady friend and another couple out to my farm yesterday evening to try to shoot a few birds. She got a few shot opportunities but did not connect. I still had a blast and she did too! Told her that just meant we have to go again sometime soon haha!
  8. In AZ, you can shoot Eurasian collared dove year around but they are difficult to identify unless you see the collar which is around the back of the neck. For the most part I just shoot early season. Then wait for quail season. Had a great time this past Saturday. Hopefully am going out this evening if it isn't raining like it has the last 2 days.
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  9. Corrected the name of the collared dove.
  10. In all of my years of hunting doves, never seen a collared dove out in the wild. My front yard, plenty of them. But out in the woods where white-wings mounring runs around at, never seen a collared dove.
  11. I am going to go see what I can get this evening. I think they will be flying, they were pretty hammered by wind and rain today, I would think they are looking to eat now that it has died down. I am counting the days to quail season too. October 5th is coming up fast!:wavey:
    ETA: got 5 this evening and going back for more in the morning! :supergrin:
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