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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by MoneyMaker, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Ok seein this is being a big issue with the starbuck crazed group,What is your thoughts and reaction each time you get called on a man with gun call when it is to a place that does allow open carry? Do you ticket the person who made the call ? Do you ticket the store manager if he called and his store is not marked no open carry allowed?Why do the police make a man who is sitting at a table having dinner with his family get up and go outside to check him out?If it is legal to open carry then why do you go in and then bother this man ?

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  4. The person open carrying would be arrested unless they are a LEO or owner of the establishment.
  5. So you are saying if it is legal to open carry you will arrest the man?Are you a police officer and if so what state?What county?
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    Moneymaker...the responses you receive are going to all boil down to if its legal to OC in these certain officers jurisdictions.
    Not alot of these guys are from MO.

    ETA...And most of them probably aren't going to identify the jurisdiction they work in. :D
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  7. Open carry is not legal here. Assuming it was I would show up and talk to the complainant and see if anything else was happening besides a gun visible in a holster. If the manager wanted him gone then they can ask him to leave and would be arrested for trespass if he failed to comply.
  8. Yes but i stated if it is legal in the state or municipality,but as you see this officer already misread and jumped to the conclusion of aresting someone.
  9. This is why i think it should be a national open carry or if it is going to be state by state that every LE agency has to train and have every LE employee sign off on a statement that they have read and understand the law on CCW and OC for Citizens.Sorry but if i was to OC and its legal and i gotta deal with being detained everytime i go out,Then all i can say is i sure dont want the OC law or the Headaches of being detained,Or get some Police Officer having a bad day and wanna beat you to the ground or god forbid draw on you just cause he dont know the law or is having a bad day!
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    In some OC states those no gun signs actually carry weight of law. Other states such as MO, they dont.
  11. I didn't, it's just that you like asking narrow, leading scenarios and get confrontational when they don't fit whatever view you're trying to get across.

    Am I being detained?
  12. I understand if it is posted no guns allowed,well its there policy,But if its legal to OC or CCW and the store is not posted say like Starbucks and then police get the call of man or woman with gun,they show up and the person is legal but store manager says yeah its ok by store policy but i want the person out as its disrupting my business,Then they can be arrested for not leaving???

  13. Sorry but i did state if its LEGAL and you posted up and stated its not legal and you would arrest them,then said its not legal in your state,Well i was not asking about that as i know what happens,Your not detained so your free to go as i am looking for response from Officers that have this ongoing issue in Legal States:wavey:
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    Yep, if you're asked to leave and you refuse its called tresspassing.
    Leave and call corporate if its that big of a deal. Avoid going to jail or having a summons written whenever possible.
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  15. Well mike now you see why i am not eye to eye about the photo ops and youtube crap over at the other site,Seems even with OC there will be a no win situation and folks will be having issues even if it is legal to oc and corporate policy to oc in there stores as its gonna ba catch 22 issue and i think we will all be long gone before a real law states what alot of folks wish it to read.
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    PM sent.

    BULLRUNN Double Tap

    We go and tell the person that the establishment does not want them there with a gun and ask them to leave. if not then we get his info and give it to the manager to go secure warrants for trespassing.. we are an open carry state unless you are concealed without a permit then you get checked and stroked if you have a permit then you are asked to beat feet if you still stay then its a trespass. unless its an ABC establishment we get calls ALL THE TIME for guys in banks with guns or walking down the street we pretty much treat them as routine man with gun calls. unless it is put out as the guy is waiving it around like a fool..
  18. So does it take away time from your officers that could be doing something more important?I mean is there any writing to the law in your state that has been published as to be distributed to Business owners,the general public ect so as not to take away more important response calls you may have ?
  19. Oh here we go, just follow the law and you will be fine.
    Shake your
  20. The OP is obviously looking for a reason to get mad at cops. Seems odd to come into CopTalk to do it, but whatever floats your boat.

    What you're talking about, the "posting" of no guns doesn't matter in the least once someone has asked you to leave. I wear a heavy leather duster in the winter. There's nothing in the least bit legal about that, but if a store manager comes up and says he'd rather I leave because I'm making customers/employees nervous, then it falls on me to leave. There's not going to be a "no duster" sign, but the owner or manager has the right to refuse service and ask me to leave. If I don't, the SECOND I stand there arguing with him, then I'm violating his rights as a property owner and I'm guilty of trespassing.

    Just because the LAW says you can open carry, that's not a free pass. If you on someone else's property, you're subject to their rules. If you don't like those rules, then you leave and take your money somewhere else. If you DON'T leave after asked, then you also give up the right to argue that you're not doing anything wrong.

    The entire original post is written from a point of view of someone wanting nothing more than to argue. That's a very sad state to live in, in my opinion.
  21. I tactfully suggest to OC activists that they find another way to feed their need to be the center of attention in public. Like...dye their hair green and skate round on roller blades, etc. That way they'd annoy just as many people, but they could bank on people not calling the cops on them so often.

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