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Open Carry Stories and Experiences, Vol. II

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by RussP, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Diesel_Bomber


    Oct 25, 2008
    No one has said it looks funny, and I don't think it does. I do have a Glock factory +2 extension on the mag so I can get my pinky on the grip, and of course for the extra rounds. The G26 is my preferred carry gun. If I'm wearing an overshirt, it's CC. If I'm not, it's OC. I'd agree that OC'ing an LCP or something that size would be odd, though.

    OC'd again today, same setup, G26/Blackhawk Serpa. If the clerk at the convenience store noticed or cared, he didn't mention it. The bum outside didn't ask me for change, but had asked the two people who walked by ahead of me. I continued on to my woodlot to drop off some building materials for the cabin and ran into my neighbor who was tending the cattle he runs on my property. He was OC'ing too.
  2. Diesel_Bomber


    Oct 25, 2008
    OC'd on my woodlot again today, nobody there to care. Only interaction with the public was when I stopped in town to buy a burrito from a taco truck. The lady taking my order asked if I was a cop, when I said no, she said "Sorry no discount for you." with a smile. The other customers waiting in line didn't give any indication if they noticed or cared.

    Done correctly, OC is a non issue.

  3. INJoker

    INJoker Simply Charming

    Sep 22, 2007
    I won't pee on this one. I promise.

    The only time I open carry is when I am traveling to/from the range. Occasionally I will stop at a gas station to fill up or at a restaurant to grab lunch. In those instances, I have never had anyone say anything directly to me, but judging by their facial reactions, they almost always notice.

    I don't know where you guys live, but I have NEVER gotten the "wink and nod" or "Oh, sweet, what are you carrying?" or "Is that a G19 or a G23?" comments that most of you allege are typical.

    I live in one of the gun-friendliest states in the Republic, and I've never experienced the overwhelming social support that I read about in these threads.
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  4. hempfieldninja


    Jul 25, 2010
    so many of you live in a more gun friendly area. im in PA and the few times i open carry people are weird! i just started telling people that im off duty when i see them staring at my hip. that seems to comfort them but still its an odd thing over all. thats why i mostly carry my .38 snubby CCW, although i feel more at-ease with my g22. i guess its just a different wourld around here.
  5. BRoberts243


    May 12, 2010

    yea is there any stories from indiana, particularly in a city somewhere in indiana?
    most of the posts in this one and the other thread are from AZ, or very rural areas that they know most the ppl who they see.
  6. albinlee


    May 6, 2010
    Seattle, WA
    I recently tried carrying openly on a pretty popular hiking trail on Mt. Pilchuck, WA. I did get a few strange looks, which I was prepared for. This is, as you may know, the land of granola's and fairies. It was strange that everyone over age 50 didn't really care at all, while the young 20 something couples were the ones with the uneasy looks. It seems like every generation the youth of our country get further and further detached from the world of our founding fathers. They think that I shouldn't be allowed to have the power that a gun provides, whether it is to protect from bad people or an overbearing government. Being 21, I think its the modern social interaction between the internet, media, and the bull**** notion that no guns = peace. Sometimes it seems borderline socialist. Sorry for the off topic rant.:steamed: I am ashamed of my generation alot more than I am proud of them.
  7. akgunnut


    Feb 17, 2007
    I open carried at Golden Corral buffet last week and only got one comment from another patron. He told me I was brandishing by carrying like I was, but I replied by saying that its not brandishing if my gun's in a holster. Brandishing is actually holding it in my hand and waving it around. I told him open carry is legal here and he thought that the law said it had to be concealed. Nobody else said anything though.
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  8. djmerullo


    Nov 15, 2008
    I open carry every day I work. I am an Armed Security Officer here in Sarasota. Therefore the only way I can legally OC is to be on duty. and they even have strict restrictions on that here in Florida.
  9. I've had quite a few people offer positive comments when seeing my OC'd sidearm. A little over a year ago, an off-duty LEO with his lady in a Wendy's pointed to my rig and said, "Now there's a real American". We wound up sitting across from each other and had an active conversation as we ate.

    A lady a few years ago with her young son said her son got her attention to my little friend. She whispered to me that she liked seeing that and felt safer with someone like me around. Just a few months ago in my local Costco, a lady and her husband passed by me at the meat counter and she turned around and said, "I really like seeing that!". We all spoke a few more times as we encounter each other before checking out.

    There have been a lot of other incidents where things of this nature have taken place with me. I've only had one negative, as in bad, encounter and that was 16 months ago at a local McDonald's. The antagonist claimed he was a retired LEO, but judging from his accent, he wasn't a Virginian. He was abusive and loud. Our mayor was in the place and she approached me and my friend with whom I was sitting. She was curious as to what that was all about. That's it. No negative encounters of any kind with any LEO's.
  10. lanceofnorfolk


    Nov 26, 2010
    Hi yall... Kinda new to the forums but I think I found my thread. I OC quite often. Yesterday while returning home from the grocery store I passed a stopped officer about 5 houses up from mine. As I pulled into my driveway he pulled up at the curb and informed me a brake light was out. That actually happens often (smack the pass. side rear lens and it works fine for awhile) as I proceeded to the back of my chevy to get the groceries out he noticed my pistol. Saw it in his facial expression ( his eyes looked right at it ) but he didn't say anything about it. Just thought I would share that.


    Sep 18, 2010
    People think you are the spawn of Satin if you open carry in northern ohio. That's why I carry IWB.
  12. That's funny. Had a good laugh this morning on that one.
  13. I do both. Depends upon the situation at hand, my preference and perception of which mode suits my wants and needs the best at the time, and a few other factors. It's nice to have the choice. Most always I OC for the reasons I gave in an earlier post on this thread.

    The one thing I should point out to folks who live in states where either OC is not a legal option or where to do so would be viewed very poorly by their fellow citizens, your view of states such as Virginia, Arizona, and Alaska might be tainted by your own learned biases. In your state, perhaps one who OC's would be met with very negative comments or stops by LEO's for whatever reasons. So to you, it is natural to believe this would occur in other states as well. But that's just not the case in all of them. At least not here in my state.

    I am not suggesting that problems don't arise because they do on occasion. But they're not common and when they do come up, there is usually a lot of support from other OC'ers to see that these things don't happen again... call it educating our servants. Within the past year, I have had two older people mention to me while I was grocery shopping that they were scared.... when seeing my sidearm. Neither of them were native Virginians. The man was from Iowa and the woman was from a New England state. They had not done their homework, as in adjusting and accepting Virginia ways. But neither of them were nasty or confrontational. Pleasant conversation ensued and I hope I helped to educate them to a degree.
  14. novaDAK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Agreed. I love Virginia.
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  15. This afternoon I went from my state (WV) to MD (absolutely no ccw). I placed my weapon in the trunk per state law and continued with my errands. Once I re-entered my home state I stopped to get gas and immediately rearmed myself. While there were many people at the gas station/convenience store who easily saw me not one person said a word. Out here a gun permit is as common as a drivers' license.
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  16. Alpine


    Dec 21, 2000
    My gf loves to open carry. I guess that makes her my satin doll.

    Serrated edge folder, which wigs me
    shoulder rig holster, she digs me
    double tappin, that Satin Doll
  17. Warp


    Jul 31, 2005
    Open carried at the Mall of Georgia again today while Christmas shopping.

    Nothing at all to report, again. :)
  18. From time to time, we get naysayers on this site who live in states not as gun-friendly and lenient as people here in Virginia, who claim that OC'ers are just going to get hassled by citizens and in particular, by police. I have written many times how this the exception and not the rule in Virginia and how we who OC almost never experience negative encounters (yes, it does happen but it's very uncommon).

    Yesterday, while leaving a gun show and walking to my truck, a Virginia state police cruiser was parked about three slots away from my vehicle with no other vehicles between the cruiser and my truck. I thought the officer was probably walking the show, as is rather common, but as his cruiser became more completely visible while I was approaching, I saw him sitting in it. I was OC'ing and my strong side was facing him as I passed about five feet in front of his car on the way to my truck. I don't know if he did any more than just notice me. When I got into my truck, I reloaded my gun, holstered it, then pulled out. He never stared, looked, or observed any more than if he was just watching traffic pass by.

    Later, I pulled into a gas station close to where I lived to fill up and followed an SUV in to the same island. The SUV had maybe five or size people in it and they were from New Jersey. I'm sure they had a bit to talk about when they left since I was withing ten feet of them while gassing up.
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  19. The Expert

    The Expert

    May 2, 2010
    About a month ago I had my first negative OC experience.

    I was going to the movie theater and here in MI if you want to carry in a theater with a capacity of 2500 or greater you can only do so if you have a CPL and only if you Open Carry over the CPL. (same goes for picking up your kids from school)

    I was wearing jeans and a very conservative sweater. My black XD-9 was perched on my hip in a SERPA CQC paddle holster.

    The rent-a-cop was circling the building and happened to pass right across the entrance as I was walking in. I paid for my tickets at the automated machine and walked to get some popcorn. Once my refreshments were secured I put the required salt on at the fixin station. I had to wait for some friends who were late so I decided to stay right there.

    As I turned around the rent-a-cop was standing about 10 feet away and was just staring at me. I avoided eye contact and just stood by till my friends arrived and we went in to watch our movie.

    During the previews, however, the same security dude came in and fished me out of the theater! He said the manager wanted to have a chat. The manager, who looked terrified that I would shoot him, told me that the theater has a no weapons policy. I told him that there was no sign on the door an asked if he was just making that up. He said that he was not and he was sure that there was a policy. I asked if he could show me a copy of this so-called policy. He said he could not but that he was sure it was in place and respectfully asked if I would secure my pistol in my vehicle.

    I'm a sucker for respectful people so I didn't push any further on the policy thing. The security guy walked with me to the car and I secured the pistol under the seat. On the way out he asked why I wasn't just carrying concealed. I told him that Michigan law is set up so that in a theater CPL holsters have to Open Carry. He said he didn't know that but that he did know we were an open carry state. Said I was the first open carrier he had run into.

    I then went back in and watched the movie. I've not gone back there since. I also don't carry at theaters anymore because I don't want to run through this experience again and again. I am seriously considering carrying concealed in movie theaters from here on out but have not done so yet.
  20. crsuribe

    crsuribe 10mm Auto

    Jul 3, 2010
    I would just leave my gun in the car whenever I go to the movies. You're probably gonna get in trouble by obeying that law if people freak out when they see you open carrying, and they probably will.
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