Open Carry in Virginia?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by srwhite85, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Can you open carry in Virginia if you are not a resident of that state? The reason I am asking is because my Dad lives there, and I am going to visit him in July. I live in Illinois where we can't carry guns at all. Are there any certain rules pertaining to Open Carry? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. Yes. Virginia doesn't require a permit for open carry, only concealed. You might get a look or two but for the most part people mind their business. It also will depend on where you go. People toward D.C. tend to get their panties wadded up a little faster than we do out toward the west.

  3. If you have a valid ID, and can legally own a gun then you can OC here in VA. You can go to VA state police web site to familiarize your self with the Cans and Can't.
  4. Yeah, my Dad lives pretty close to West Virginia. He lives in Falls Mills, Va.
  5. You can also apply for a non resident VA CCW permit.
  6. I also heard from somebody that you can't have a bullet in the chamber while you are Open Carrying in Virginia. Is this true?
  7. Quigley

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    No you can carry loaded and starting July first even those without permits can keep a loaded handgun in their glovebox, center console or any other closed storage compartment.
  8. RussP


    Where'd ya here that?
  9. Quigley

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    It did used to be that way in some counties in Va but the state over ruled it. Chesapeake was one of them.
  10. somebody told my dad that. I thought it was weird. they also told my dad that even cops in Virginia aren't aloud to have a round in the chamber. I think whoever told my dad this is full of it.
  11. either a cop or a gun shop employee. Big source of misinformation
  12. RussP


    Yes it did...
    I would agree...:wavey:
  13. RussP


    Did you have a follow-up question?
  14. You don't need to carry any sort of ID if you are open carrying a gun here in Virginia. Open carry is the "default" or normal mode of carrying a sidearm here.

    For the OP. I OC every day and it's a no brainer. Never had any problems of any kind from an LEO while doing this. You'll find that Virginia is the most lenient state in the South when it comes to guns and their carry.
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  15. Is there anything else I need to know? Like mag capacity or anything like that. Also what about while in the car in Virginia?
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    No mags over 20 rounds I believe and if you have it in the car, either have it your person (open carried) or in plain sight. Some folks have a holster secured to the dash board or have a rig that attaches to the shoulder strap of the seat belt so it sits on the back support of the seat. Call VSP to verify, just in case. Happy Open Carrying!!
  17. Wolfgang

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    VA is safer than IL.

    You don't carry a gun there; why carry one here?
  18. RussP


    Are you saying visitors to the Commonwealth should not carry at all if open carry is their only option?
  19. From 1 July 2010 forward non-CHP holders can have a loaded handgun in a private vehicle concealed if it is in an unlocked (or locked if you wish) container or compartment--glove box. See HB 885. There is no longer a requirement to be in plain sight.

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