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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by cangler, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. cangler

    cangler Republican!!

    I seem to only like 1911s that have certain features...

    bobtail (even if it's full length)
    std size grips (thin grips feel weird)
    checkering/snakeskin/etc at least in the front of the grip (but not too aggressive)
    single tactical thumb safety (not wide, or ambi)
    grip safety
    4.25" commander or 5" government size
    sviguns interlocking flat triggers
    skeletonized hammer
    .45ACP or 9mm

    And of course NO TACTICAL RAIL, or full length guide rods.

    What are your "must have" or "never have" features?:whistling:

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  2. I am very eclectic in my 1911's. I have a full rail, half rail and a stainless trp. I have a colt defender and a dan wesson cco. I NEED a Springfield professional.

  3. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Some pretty standard features I like are:
    1. NO FCS!
    2. Flush crowned barrel
    3. Single side safety
    4. Commander hammer
    5. 3 hole trigger (even though I've warmed up to the Harrison Short Extreme, but really only black guns :dunno:)
    6. Rounded butt, unless there's a magwell
    7. Like bobtails on Commander sized guns
    8. Been gravitating towards flush cut slide stops (alot of guns have them and ALL new guns have been and will be coming with this)
    9. Night sights (but am willing to try a gold bead soon)
    10. Slim bushings and grips
    11. Some kind of golfball/checkering/stippling, etc. on the front strap (hate a smooth front strap)
    12. Same on the MSH as the front strap
    13. Combat sights (even though I have several guns with adjustable target sights) But I do like adjustable combat sights
    14. HARD CHROME! Bet you guys didn't see that one coming. :rofl:Actually I also like black finishes too, as long as they are durable and am a huge fan of NP3/NP3+ as well as stainless
    15. Not a rail fan, but I see one and only one, in my future, but just can't decide which one to get
    16. Naked slide

    :phew: I guess those of you have seen several of the 1911's in my collection kinda already know what I like. :cool:
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  4. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

    I just bought my first and went back and forth between a traditional TRP and the Operator with a rail. I ended up settling on the things I liked on th eOperator that werent on the regular TRP.

    My next one will be a Springfield Professional
  5. I agree no FCS or slim grips for me. Other than that I am diverse in my appreciation of the platform.

    Some of you guys are 1911 "featurist", you should be ashamed :tongueout:
  6. Sorry guys, but I have my own ideas of what makes a great 1911...

    • 9mm
    • no front cocking serrations (again)
    • Ambi safety (lefty)
    • GI length guide rod (I've seen FLGRs fail. Come apart on the range.)
    • round butt or bobtail
    • night sights or something visible, prefer solids to adjustable.
    • I like flush/crowned muzzles, but not a necessity.
    • Wide fitted grip safety
    • clean slide/rail/ejector fit
    • no rail! Just ruins the lines of a beautiful front end. Also, no Hi-power cuts.
  7. PawDog

    PawDog NRA Member

    No rail, no FCS, wood grip panels only, and always .45 ACP for me.
  8. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    Stole and modified your list, saved me from having to type it all out :tongueout:

    Not must haves as much as a good wish list.
  9. I only buy them in 45ACP with full size grips and barrels between 4" and 5".
  10. .....
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  11. Must have:
    internal extractor
    lowered & flared ejection port
    no less than 4.25" barrel

    I prefer:
    front strap checkering no less than 25 LPI
    plain black rear sight
    short trigger
    trigger pull of 4.25 lbs or less
    flat MSH

    Would love to have:
    high cut trigger guard
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  12. cangler

    cangler Republican!!

    You guys reminded me a few I missed, edited my list.
  13. I'm a lefty so an abidextrious safety is a must. Don't like or own barrels shorter than Commanders and no need for longer than what JMB designed 5".

    I could do without full length guide rods, especially ones that need a wrench or paper clip to disassemble but not a deal breaker.

    None of mine have rails and I don't plan to add one.

    Life is too short to have guns with bad triggers so all of my 1911's break clean!
  14. I agree with all that except the hardchrome.
  15. For me;

    Front cocking serrations
    Novak night sights (bar dot or just dot up front)
    No front strap checkering
    Nothing shorter than 4" barrel
    Black T finish or Stainless
    Single side safety
    Silver soldered plunger tube
    3.75 lb. trigger
    Long trigger
    Flat checkered mainspring housing
    Crimson Trace lasergrips
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  16. :goodpost:
    i'm relatively new to 1911's . . .
    my requirements include:
    brushed stainless steel
    full sized wood grips
    adjustable target sights
    no rail
    5" barrel
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  17. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    Commander Size 4.25" barrel
    lowered and flared ejection port
    Good sights like Novak
    Flat Main Spring Housing
    Long Trigger
    Beveled Mag Well
    Nice Wooden Grips

    Beaver Tail Grip Safety
    Commander Hammer
    Standard Spur Hammer and Grip Safety that's been
    Bobbed back enough so I don't get hammer bite.
    That's about it. Nice and Simple the way JMB designed it.
  18. I dont have many true requirements for me to own a specific 1911, I have a lot of preferences. I guess mandatory are

    Internal Extractor
    Single Sided Safety
    Combat Sights
    4.25" barrel or larger

    I would say that is "jacks to open".

    I dont hate all rollmarks, no hard requirement on finish, have stainless and carbon steel guns I love, FCS is not a religion for me, only wanted rails on my plastics - until I didn't.

    I love the platform and all of the different things you can do to it. It would kind of be pointless to have a whole bunch of different pistols all built exactly the same way hanging out in my safe. That's the beauty of the 1911.
  19. The only things I don't like are FCS and ambi-safeties.

    I also don't really like rails.
  20. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    I like all 1911's.

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