Only been coveting one for a couple months..

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  1. and finally put a deposit down and ordered a G38. Guess It's gonna have to be a gen 3, but I like the gen 3 grip, so that won't be a problem.

    Already started researching hand-loading, and will start out as small as possible with a simple hand press. I have the time, and won't be shooting much more than 50 to 100 rounds a week, so will load small batches. I don't really foresee myself ever cranking out hundreds of rounds a week. Just want to Keep It Simple Stupid.

    We'll see where this goes.:whistling:
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    The G38 is the fines, most accurate GLOCK that I've ever owned. I hope you like yours as much. My favorite load is a 200-gr Montana Gold over 4.0-gr of Titegroup, Federal primers. Speer Lawman or American Eagle 200-gr fmj for factory practice ammo, and any JHP for personal defense.

  3. Thanks for the recipe!

    How would you avoid the alleged legal stigma of hand loading SD ammo?

    With .45GAP, it's a matter of necessity???

    Not sure I'm to the point where accuracy of the pistol is a factor! Will 90 rounds through the G38 be any more jarring than a gen 4 G27?
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  4. Congrats on the new G38. I took mine to the pit last weekend and shot it with my G19, gen 4. Absolutely love them both, and frankly don't notice a whole lot of difference between the two in terms of recoil. Danny's word on the G38 is far more authoritative than mine, but I too have found it to be a very accurate gun. With just a bit of work, youl'll likely find that despite the .45 round, keeping on target for follow up shots isn't that difficult.

    FWIW, my G38 really needed a good break in. Initially, I was having feeding issues with the WWB that I purchased before I started reloading. After checking in with Danny on that issue, I followed his advice and put about 200 rounds of 200gr Speer Lawman through her. That G38 is now absolutely flawless post-break in.

    Enjoy your new gun and your new adventure with reloading.

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