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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by bwallac7, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I'm sure this topic has been pounded over and over on this forum (haven't found it). So please forgive me for bringing this up probably once again. I want to get some input from other shooters who have bought ammo online vs. buying them from a store (Wally-World).

    I personally haven't found a reason to buy ammo online as of yet. The ammo that I have come across online has been the same price, or even more expensive compared to Wally-World or other stores. Shipping of course makes the price go up as well.

    I guess I could see two advantages in buying ammo online. First is bulk buying. You get a less price/round then you would if you bought a box of 50 rounds. Of course that is if you want to shell out more than $300 (for a box of 1000) for some ammunition. The second is a large selection of ammo. My local Wally-World only sells four different brands of .40sw but I can still get ammo as cheap as $14.

    Are there any other advantages from buying online?

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  3. Look at I can get 1000 rounds of 9mm for about $216 shipped. Show me where I can get ammo that cheap in a store. Even when it's on sale at cabelas it's more than that, plus tax and gas to go get it.

  4. Generally I find better deals online There are a few different websites I'll shop around for when it comes time to stock up. The local guys usually don't compete with prices online. Only time I buy a couple boxes from them is when I'm picking up or purchasing a new weapon.
  5. for me the online atvantage is the price for high quality SD ammo. it is hard to find around here and they want to charge more for a 20 round box than a 50 round online.
  6. +1 for sgammo and ammotogo

    $17 for a box of .357 SIG Speer Lawman... impossible to find in a B&M store at that price.

    $25-30 for 50 round JHP Gold Dots or Federal HST in .357 SIG. Again, impossible to find in a store for that price.
  7. SGammo looks promising. Anyone have experience with the TMJ Prvi Partizan brand of ammo? $0.27/round for .40S&W.
  8. I just got 1000 9mm from sgammo and it was 213.80 shipped that's less than 11.00$ a box. My local Walmart the cheapest 9mm there is about 12.50$ before tax so online is a bit cheaPer. Mostly you need to buy a lot to save money.
  9. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Lets see:

    Gun store want to charge me $28 for a 20 round box of Gold Dot .45 ammo.

    I can buy the same ammo on line for around $31 for 50 rounds.

    Nope, no reason to buy ammo on line. I should go to the local gun shop and pay our my rear end for ammo.

    Yep, that makes great sense for sure. :whistling:
  10. robhic

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    You'll not only save when you buy bulk, but you'll have a far greater selection of products. I've found the big-box stores have some ammo but you can get bulk (and singles) of ALL different kinds online.

    Plus the UPS driver brings it to your door like a present or something! :supergrin:
  11. I buy almost all my ammo from online sources because even with shipping the costs are lower. I occasionally pick up a box of range ammo at Wal-Mart when I need just one box but in my area the gun stores that carry premium self-defense JHP ammo charge an arm and a leg even for the 20-round boxes. As for premium self-defense JHP ammo at Wal-Mart --- forget about that. I've only (rarely) seen 147-grain JHP WWB and the Remington 100-round JHP 115-grain Value Pack.
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  12. crnama


    If you are only buying locally then you are not shooting enough. Buying online 1000 or 2000 rounds at a time can really save some money. Also you never know what Wal-Mart might have in stock.
  13. barth

    barth six barrels

    You beat me to it Deanna.
  14. racer88

    racer88 NRA & SAF mbr

    Walmart is hit and miss as for anything being in stock. More miss than hit, actually. And, then I only find a few choices: Federal Champion, Winchester white box, and some oddball eastern bloc stuff (that I don't use). So, if I happen to be at walmart, I'll buy some range ammo, if they have it, and it's a decent price.

    Buying online is much easier, offers a better selection, and is generally cheaper (in some cases MUCH cheaper). I can do it in my skivvies, sitting on the couch, while watching Jay Leno. Then, in a few days, the "big brown truck of happiness" shows up at my office to drop it off. It just doesn't get much better than that! :)
  15. Depends on what I'm buying. For .40 I've yet to find anything cheaper than walmart online. For 5.56 online is cheaper if you buy in bulk.
  16. Myke_Hart

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    I found ammo is ALWAYS cheaper online. Even with shipping cost.

    Reloading is even cheaper and find the components even cheaper.

    Plus, stores do not sell the ammo I buy. Mostly military surplus. Steel core, tracers, bulk surplus, ect...

    My go to source is Aimsurplus then check around (see above places mentioned) and to make sure there isn't someone dumping ammo on gunbroker before purchasing.

    Gotta feed my toys.:embarassed:
  17. Yep, I just did the same thing. In fact, I got mine for $199.00 plus shipping from, Aguila 124gr. 9mm. Shipping was $16.00?

    Not only can they beat Wally on target ammo if you bulk buy, they positively slay them on the defensive ammo because SG and others many times sell in the 50 round boxes. There's NO COMPARISON. Hells Bells, just go there and look for yourself! Wally's selling this 20 round boutique box Hydra Shock in 9mm., .40, and .45 last time I checked and not a one of them was under $20.00- Right now SG is selling 180gr. .40 Hydra Shock in the 50 round boxes for $18.99!!!!! They're out of the 124gr. but that's marked at $25.00 or so. There's no comparison. None.
  18. How is that Aquila ammo? I haven't read much about it but I believe I did read it's made in Mexico.

    How does it compare with the better-known range ammos?

  19. I've used about 1000 rounds of the 124gr 9mm, and have never had a failure, it's really good. I haven't found it to be any dirtier than any other commercial FMJ I've used. I've also used it in an IDPA match.

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  20. Yeah, it's Mexican. So far, so good. It seems just a little bit hotter than the average stuff. I'll definitely be taking another 1000 of it pretty soon. SG also had (they're out) of the 1000 of Aguila .45acp 230 FMJ for $299.00. If If I ever see that again, I'll be swooping it up as well.
  21. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    You got to be quicker that that!

    :tongueout: :wavey:

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