One in the chamber?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by jhelmsfishing, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. SWIll

    Wow. Old thread. This subject always reminds me why I am so fond of revolvers with double action triggers. JMHO.

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  2. What if he looses the use of his left hand and/or arm?

  3. Watch the video....maybe it will change your mind. Keep in mind she KNEW THE THREAT WAS COMING!
  4. Then he racks the slide on his belt. Try it with your Glock. It actually works pretty good. The edge of anything like a table wil also work. The plan is, in his line of work, that a suspect won't be in a position to take his left arm. With a Beretta, I'm surprised that empty chamber is the policy.
  5. Watch the video I quoted in my post. Remember that she KNEW the threat was coming. Do you think you will have time to rack the slide?
  6. I've seen that video before. A staged video can have any outcome you want it to have. I'm sure she doesn't walk out to her car at Walmart with her hand on the grip even as people pass close to her. A real world situation would be far different. SA and avoidance is still the best policy for the average CWFL holder. I carry my G26 and LCP chambered but I can easily understand the apprehension about it.
    I feel for the crack head that tries to rob this guy.

  7. Draw and chamber with one hand. Also not real life but it can be done.

  8. I feel for him because as you pointed out "A staged video can have any outcome you want it to have."

    I think an empty chamber is a liability not an asset to the equation....
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  9. Sure it can be done. But are you confident enough to bet you life on being able to do it under the extreme pressure of a lethal confrontation? I'll go out on a limb here and say you/me and MOST won't be able to.......
  10. Ok, now these videos. Is anyone GRABBING them? Is either of them forced to use one hand to draw the weapon? Is their hands wet, say from rain or hot Texas summers? Is any of them on the ground with the BG with just one hand free? Or is either of them moving? Struggling? Blocking punches?

    Now in the perfect world you should have two hands available. But this sure ain't no perfect world.

    Unless there are some pretty exigent circumstances, chamber loaded is the superior method.

    All you need is a good holster that covers the trigger and does not collapse when you draw. That and KYFFOTFT until you have cleared the holster and your anatomy.

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  11. I am. So are all of my co-workers. Really not that big a deal.:dunno:

    Anyone who carries a pistol should be able to do the one-handed draw/cock and all the malfunctions drills. If not you are lacking in your training whether you carry a round in the chamber or not.
  12. CA Escapee

    CA Escapee Finally!

    Here's a link to regarding what's "loaded" in CA.

    In that thread it states in part:


    The case is People v. Clark (1996) 45 Cal.App.4th 1147 , 53 Cal.Rptr.2d 99"


    "The key paragraphs of the decision are these:
    The term "loaded" has a commonly understood meaning: "to put a load or charge in (a device or piece of equipment) a gun" or "to put a load on or in a carrier, device, or container; esp: to insert the charge or cartridge into the chamber of a firearm." (Webster's New Collegiate Dict. (1976) p. 674.) Under the commonly understood meaning of the term "loaded," a firearm is "loaded" when a shell or cartridge has been placed into a position from which it can be fired; the shotgun is not "loaded" if the shell or cartridge is stored elsewhere and not yet placed in a firing position. The shells here were placed in a separate storage compartment of the shotgun and were not yet "loaded" as the term is commonly understood."

    And further more here's a case in the past couple of years in San Fernando, CA where charges were filed and later dropped over a "loaded" firearm due to the Clark decision.

    There's been quite a precedent set over what's "loaded" in CA.

    I'd venture to say that once you graduate from the academy if you arrest someone in CA for a firearm with an empty chamber and a round taped to the grip your DA won't even file the charge.

    I still stand by my point in my first post earlier today that when someone makes a broad statement in a forum about what's loaded or not, they may want to include the words "depending on where you live..."

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  13. Nope. I've only had to draw one time in my life and that was with a clear threat coming at me in my own drive way over 30 yrs ago. I hope to never be in that situation again but if I am, I would prefer to not have to chamber a round. The nerves didn't rev up until after the incident. The other two threats snuck up from behind and I wasn't paying attention. I wasn't armed and even if I were, it would have been too late to react chambered or not. Better that I wasn't armed in the inattentive state I was in.
  14. I carry with my weapon loaded and ready to use if necessary--I can't guarantee that I will have free use of both my hands either if the need to draw my weapon arises...if I didn't have a bullet in the chamber and only had 1 hand to draw my weapon, then I would be hoping that my assailant would simply run off at the sight of my G17--or be polite enough to wait for me to rack the slide!
  15. Or it would depend upon your training and understanding of tactics.
  16. True I guess, especially if I was able to fend off my assailant without having to draw my weapon. However, if the need arose to draw my weapon, and since (1) I may be defending my wife and sons and (2) I'm just a normal guy with no military, tactical, or intense self-defense training, I prefer to save myself a step in the process of my or my family's personal self defense. Again, I can't be ready for every situation, but I'm comfortable with keeping 1 in the chamber when I'm carrying.
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  17. The thing to remember when you are out and about is that you must have the mindset that anything that can happen.. could. You just can't take for granted that certain things are not going to take place or that if something goes down, you'll have all of your wits and physical attributes at your disposal. In order to prepare for and conform to this, it just makes sense to remove as many impediments that could be in your way of pulling your gun and pulling the trigger. Your mind is going to have enough to worry about so the less you can clutter things up the better off you're going to be and the better prepared as well.
  18. Then I say "good for you and so should you carry." You are a Sheepdog for you family.
  19. Anyone watch football? Those guys aren't wimps. When they go down, I'm having a hard time imagining them drawing a weapon from concealment under their shirts and effectively using it. I've been tackled twice in my life. Once by a gang of thugs and once being mugged late at night out for a sandwich. Why folks think they'll be able to draw and shoot while under such an attack is beyond me. Your attacker if it ever happens isn't likely to be some limp wristed fruit loop in drag thlapping at you while you hold him back with your left hand so you can draw with your right hand. Unless you're a good size man and can fend off such an attack, you're going down really quick and drawing isn't going to happen. If you are a good size man, chances are a mugger isn't going to pick you anyhow. This perfect imagined scenario of fending off an attacker with one hand while drawing from concealment and shooting with the other is unrealistic. SA and avoidance will save your life. Don't let someone get to the point of tackling you before you give yourself a chance to draw and defend yourself. No stranger is going to get right up on you all of a sudden unless there's some kind of bad intent. Keep your distance. If he insists against your demands to back off, he's a threat. If your SA is as lax as mine was years ago and you get tackled while armed, my condolences to your family.
  20. RussP


    Expect the unexpected...

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