One down, one to go - my other Holy Grail pistol...

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Now that I have my Korth, I'm setting my sights on my other holy grail pistol that I eluded to, but didn't disclose in the Korth thread.

    Well, PzGren guessed it, so a may as well post some info.

    Its none other than the Korriphila HSP and, dang, if they aren't hard to find.

    I had a lead on one in 45ACP about a month ago, but I've since lost it. Price wise, I can get a good used one in the $5000 range, which is expensive, but not as much as the Korth auto. The Odin's eye version sells for considerably more, but it doesn't appeal to me anyway. That sort of thing never appealed to me. Korriphila also made a couple extremely rare variations which sell for huge sums of money. I'm talking about the standard HSP 701.

    Here are some links on the Korriphila pistols...

    The gun itself is incredibly high quality and quite complicated in its design. Its a big, heavy gun, much like the Korth. It was designed by the Czech designer, Edgar Budichowcky, in Germany. During production, priority was given to quality with cost basically being an afterthought. Like the Korth, the Korriphila is cut from solid blocks of steel to exacting tolerences. You can see the machining in the links. Its amazing. Part of the design is actually similar to the CZ 52, but different in other ways. Of course, the machining and workmanship is worlds better.

    If I had to guess, the quality of the Korriphila is every bit as good as the Korth and possibly better in some ways. They generally sell for less only because there were more produced and the company is not as storied as Korth. That's how the collector's market works sometimes. However, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm even more impressed with the Korriphila. That said, it only takes two bidders that need to have it to send prices soaring. From what I understand, the design is better and tougher than the Korth. When both were new and in production, I believe they sold for similar prices.

    Even the standard models are very rare and difficult to find. Once again, there weren't many imported to the states. I've actually seen more Korth autos for sale than I have Korriphilas. :dunno:

    My goal is to have one before the end of next year and I plan to somehow make it happen. :supergrin:

    Has anyone ever owned or even seen one in person? I have not. :sad:


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  3. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    Damn beautiful weapon...

  4. Yeah, I agree.

    I can't imagine how awesome they look in person or just how great the quality is.

    Its German firearm engineering at its absolute best.
  5. Hour13

    Hour13 Tah-dah!

    Well my friend, you've been on a roll lately.

    I have a feeling you'll find out soon enough!

    Happy hunting!

  6. Thanks, my friend. :cool:

    I need all the luck I can get trying to track one down. My lead on the 45ACP version may still be alive.
  7. There is another European, probably German, revolver builder at the yacht level. I do not recall the brand name but prices are right up in there with Korth and they have a lot of interchangeability with multi-caliber models.
    #6 Jim Watson, Aug 18, 2012
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  8. No doubt, Jim.

    Janz maybe? They're German.

    Kora is Czech

    Honestly, I'm not much into european revolvers. I enjoy collecting good old Colts and Smiths.

    That said, I do want a Manurhin MR73 at some point. I should have one this year, hopefully. They're French and very high quality, but expensive.

  9. I am literally going to brag around the internet that I am the one who lit that fire, because I recently talked about these.

    I know that I had nothing to do with it, but the timing worked out for me to claim that it was alllll me!!! WOoo!!

    Hey, I'm about to ask a "higher end gun" question, and I hope you can give some information.
  10. You actually did start the Manurhin fire burning again. However, the seller of the Korth said he was getting some soon and would sell me a nice one.

    Here's one of his blogs. He's a very knowledgable collector of fine handguns.

    Look how beautiful the MR 73s are. :wow:

    Of course, the S&W Registered Magnum is not too shabby either. ;)
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  11. This might come off as goofy, but you are almost single-handedly responsible for me even knowing about a lot of these top of the line guns.

    I was living in a world of GLOCKs and such, and the HK was as top shelf as it got (I still think that HKs are amazing, I'm not saying they aren't), but... man. All of these amazing and rare pistols you have are really just something else. I really appreciate you sharing all of the pictures you share.
  12. Thanks for the very kind words. I'm flattered.

    Having said that, I consider HKs top of the line. My P7M8, P7M10, and recently acquired P9 Sport are incredible from a quality standpoint.

    I even love my big, plastic Mark 23. :)

    While I don't own them, I feel the P30 and HK45 are the best polymer pistols on the market today (not that I'm a huge polymer pistol fan).
  13. Yes, the Janz is the other deluxe Euro-revolver I was thinking of.

    Note that not only is it caliber convertable, each caliber has a different cylinder capacity, from 8 .22s to 5 .454 Casulls. Now that took some ingenuity in action design and construction.

    I have an MR73, a well worn Vienna PD surplus gun out of a batch brought in by AIM surplus a number of years ago.
    It is a good solid gun, but other than a quest for completeness, I don't see where it has an advantage over S&W.
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  14. I'm not sure if any of them have a huge advantage over a good Smith.

    Its the collector part of me that wants a Manurhin. :)
  15. Congratulations Brian! Not for getting a high end, rare gun in great condition this time, but for finally coming up with one I hadn't at least heard of. :supergrin

    Up to know I've at least known what you were talking about when you mentioned a rare gun, but I can honestly say I had never heard of a korriphila. Wow!
  16. Thanks. They are very rare. Korth is much more well known due the their revolvers.
  17. DustyJacket

    DustyJacket Directiv 10-289

    You mean, like mine?
  18. How do you find this stuff? Very impressive.
  19. Thanks, but I don't have it yet :embarassed:
  20. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    I have a feeling you'll track one down soon. You are on a roll. So happy hunting.

    Until then, we'll be waiting.

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