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On Target indoor range, Asheville

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Chuck66, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Chuck66

    Chuck66 Traveling Man

    Mar 10, 2004
    East TN
    Think I'm going to head over the state line down to Asheville on MLK day to shoot at On Target. I know nothing at all about this range, and was just looking for info about the facility or the people. A search has turned up nothing here or on Google, so was wondering if anyone could share an opinion or any interesting info about the place.

    I plan to rent some high-cap plastic pistols to try out, and rifles if they allow rifle shooting also. Feeling a need to expand the family this week. Most exciting :supergrin:

  2. Chuck66

    Chuck66 Traveling Man

    Mar 10, 2004
    East TN
    Hmmm, I'll answer, since I seem to be the only person now able to give an opinion, having gone there today.

    Don't go out of your way. They have nothing out of the ordinary for sale, no exceptional prices, and the rental selection is nothing to shout about, unless you want to rent any of a number of worn-out Glocks or a couple of revos. The words "diverse selection" aren't likely to collide with sentences describing their rental case.

    I didn't look at the actual range, so I can't comment, but the range fees weren't too bad. If looking for a warm place to shoot, the staff was friendly, the place seemed clean, and the rates are acceptable. Just don't expect much from the gun inventory or the rental rack.

  3. I'm a member at On Target and it's pretty much as you describe. The staff is FANTASTIC, Jeff and his wife put in a bunch of hours and treat people fairly. You wouldn't think they are very busy there but they get a lot of traffic.
  4. xxiv

    xxiv NRA Member

    May 7, 2007
    Northern Virginia
    Used them as the FFL for both my G19 and BHP. Seemed like a decent enough place, nothing to complain about but nothing to rave over either. I lived in Asheville/Weaverville for about a year and they're pretty much the closest range to me.

    Edit: Although now that I think about it, I did get a half lecture about my Glock never being able to touch my Browning etc from one of the older rougher looking dudes behind the counter, which was kind of a "uh huh, alright" moment, but I don't go to the range to chat so no sweat off my back.
  5. waterdude


    Jan 6, 2008
    The folks at On Target are the only reason to go there. I took my concealed carry class there, and they were pretty cool. For a nicer place, try Rex's in Hendersonville. Better facilities, better rentals, and a good sized gun shop on the other end. Don't expect a bunch of graduates from Dale Carnegie's class on how to win friends and influence people because they aren't particularly friendly.
  6. OmniscientX


    Oct 11, 2008
    Thread resurrection! I love On Target. The rates are fare, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Their selection isn't that large, but with the room they have it stays stuffed as could be, and they will order just about anything if they don't have it. I haven't shot at Rex's in Hendersonville but the staff are disinterested in selling anything to the point where its almost rude. I wouldn't buy from them. The one time I did try to go shoot on our way to the door they came out and said the power went out and they had to go home an hour early. I guess it was one of those really convenient power outages. Also in Yancey county there is Prices Creek General Store. They don't have a range but they have lots and lots of firearms. They usually have some more unique things most shops don't stock, and the prices are amazing. I guess since guns is only part of the business they can sell them so cheap.
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  7. Grayson


    Jan 18, 2006
    Big +1 to Prices Creek! Now if only Max would look into building a range...500-yard rifle would be nice...:supergrin:
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