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    Don't know much about HKs, even though I have a couple. :embarassed: Was told by the local smith (and HK armorer) that some early models had something different that didn't make them as "readily" converted to LEM. They could be converted, but required something other than just the conversion kit. Wish I remembered the exact details. :dunno:

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  2. My USP compact 40 runs great , at todays prices it cost TWICE as much as my glock.

  3. Only issues with mine are the .45 mags. The bottoms tend to break off when doing mag changes (the mags fall to the ground then break). Used my USP .45 during an in service training and broke three mags. They were still functional just the bottom ends were broken off. Called HK about it and they sent me a large bag with replacement bottoms. I just replace them as they break.

    I've also had the mag springs where out fairly quickly.

    I carry my G21 for duty use.

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