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Older taurus M-82 C.A.I. revolver quality

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by James Markov, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. :dunno::dunno:Curious, these.38's with a heavier barrel seem to have been carried a lot but shot little. Are they durable enough to shoot +P ammo?
  2. Folsom_Prison

    Folsom_Prison Brew Crew

    May 2, 2010
    My mom has a taurus 85 38 spl. Its not rated for plus p ammo but ive shot a fair amount of it out of said gun and its still kickin!

    Just sharing with you what i know first hand and before the taurus haters chime in and tell you that you should have a J frame instead.

  3. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I wouldn't go shooting a bunch of +P stuff through it, but once and a while shouldn't be bad.
  4. Depends upon how old, I had one Taurus wouldn't do any warranty work on. They offered me something silly like $50 off list price of any new Taurus revolver if I sent it in to them.

    I told them to pound sand I could get one of their guns cheaper then that at a local dealer.

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  5. wjv


    Jan 17, 2002
    Pacific NW
    I have an older, ~15 year old gun and as BAC said, some +P wont hurt it. Mine is all stainless so it's a pretty heavy built gun. I've shot +P through mine and it's still tight.

    Mine is the 85CH which is the M85 with a flush, bobbed hammer.

    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
  6. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    THe 82 is a K frame sized gun, +P shouldn't be much an issue with the watered down stuff you'll most often encounter.
    I handled one of them not long ago, it looked like crap but seemed mechanically okay.
  7. I had one of those TAurus 82/83's (a fixed sight, K-frame lookalike.) I shot the snot out of that that. Literally thousands of rounds of wadcutters. I used wadcutters, because they were cheap, not because I was worried about the gun. I have no doubt that gun would have handled anything from a factory, marked "38 Special" I stuffed into it, for as long as I wanted to stuff them in.
  8. I dont know about the 82, but I really like my CH85 good gun.
  9. Would you say its a fair statement to say that with a 2 inch .38 special revolver a 110 grain hollow point is good, and with a longer 4 inch tube something like a 125 grain pill is proper?
  10. Baba Louie

    Baba Louie

    Sep 6, 2001
    I've shot a whole lot of +P in my 82 over the years. Never actually gave it much thought. I simply stuff them in the cylinder and shoot it.

    .38 spl +Ps are kinda hyped up nowadays. In '72 SAAMI changed their specs, so what was then (pre'72) a typical .38 spl is now a +P... more or less.
    Dunno. I typically shoot 158s in either/or. OR... whatever I have on hand. Paper and soda cans do not care either way, jack rabbits flop over and twitch, and that's as far as I've ever taken that concept.
  11. ftlupton


    Aug 27, 2005
    I have a 82 and love it, it is as accurate at 15yds as any of my Rugers or Smiths. I've stripped it down and it sure looks well made to me, no issues at all.
  12. How does the 158 grain +p hollowpoint(FBI load) hit? Is it point of aim or high or low?