old stock 270 Win ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Raz-n-co, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. The .270 is a GREAT cartridge. You said you have a TC Encore???? I think I'd get a .270bbl for it. Once you shoot it some I think you'll come to like it. It shoots flat & doesn't peel the hide off your shoulder shooting it.
    Congratulations..... get the bbl!:supergrin:

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  2. Get a Winchester Model 70. The rifle and caliber were made for each other.

  3. SCmasterblaster

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    So true - it has some eighty years of history to back it up.
  4. Well, I sold the ammo. I got a fair price and paid some bills.

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  5. SCmasterblaster

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    Good for you! Well done.
  6. Sounds good.
  7. I went to Walmart last night. Only ammo they had on the shelf was .17 hmr and .270

    I'd buy a barrel for your encore.

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  8. SCmasterblaster

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    Only two calibers? No .22LRs? No 12ga SG ammo?

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