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OKC Ranger Bush RD9 OR BeckerKabar BK9?

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by MTHall49, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Trying to decide between these 2 knives
    Has anyone seen the Ranger Bush Series RD9?
    If so, what are your impressions?
    Trying to decide between a KaBar Becker BK9 and the OKC Bush RD9
    Looking at a "Combat Utility Choppper" knife

    MURRAY Millennium Member

    Just makes some great stuff from ranger knives I have one of every size of the RD series. I really like them drop him an email he is really cool and great to talk to.

  3. +1 for Justin at Ranger Knives. He did an awesome job customizing my BK2 I'll post pics tomorrow.
  4. w4004p


    Nov 17, 2002
    i've never used either, but personally i'd go with the Ranger. i was talking to Justin, about building me a short sword, before i bought my Rodent. i agree with everyone here who says he's the kinda guy they'd like to buy stuff from :cool:

    i do plan on buying one of his knives, for a Xmas present, later this year.