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  1. Self-Wow dango is going home!
    Self-Yeap ! Tommorrow !
    Self-How did I like all the stupid questions from the witch doc..
    Self-I didn,t,He thought I was depressed or something ?
    Self-I know,what's up with that ?
    Self-Well ,he didn't like your answer !
    Self-What , the one about the how do I feel,etc. ?
    Self-Yeap !
    Self-Well what was I supposed to say?
    Self-Tell him that you just do not and will not take anti-depressents !
    Self-You could have chosen better words!
    Self-I think not,my answer was fine!
    Self-What,the part where you said if you only had one bullit?
    Self-Yes !
    self-I don't think telling him you would shoot him in the foot
    was Propper!
    Self-But the part where you told him to be gone ,"YOU" depress me was funny !
    Self-Yes,that was funny !
    Self-And what about that second tube?
    Self-Don't think he went for it,I think he wants me "UN-Balanced !
    Self-Why would he want that ?
    Self-To keep me at bay,from wandering too far.
    Self-???????????????.....What ?
    Self-It will keep me walking in a circle get it ?
    Self-Again,no I don't get it ? Here I go again,so tell me pray-tell !
    Self-Well ,If I Keep walking in circles,I can't get to my truck!
    Self-Why you want to get to your truck,where you goin?
    Self-Shhhhh-! Liquor store !
    Self-How you gona get away with that,the smell,the wife ?
    Self-Shhhh-! I'm gonna pour it into my IV bag ! :supergrin:
    Self-I like it .......................:supergrin:
    Self-How you gonna get liquor looking like that?
    Self-I'm gonna get a brown paper bag,cut holes for the eyes!
    Self-I'll tell him I'm a stand-up comic and crack a joke!
    Self-I ain't gonnin.
    Self-Now that would create a problem,if I ain't goin,I ain't goin!
    Self-That's it ,I'm leaving !
    Self-:supergrin:How am I gona do that ?
    Self -True that,Hmmm? Maybe Carl will help !
    Self-Don't think so,Carl likes me too much to do stupid crap!
    Self-I do look pretty stupid right now,true that.
    Self-We shall have to ponder this Hmmmmmmmmmm?
    Self-Watch that 'we' crap,people might think I'm crazy or something,there is only one here!
    Self-True that,I'm not crazy,insane perhaps,not crazy!
    Self-What is the difference...................?
    Self-Someones coming,dare not let them see this,second floor?
    Self-:shocked:Got to go for they come-th.....later.:supergrin:

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  2. Self-Well I'm back and all went well. I had some questions as always,and ask the nurse,just what is that thing .
    Nurse-What thing ?
    Self-How could you possibly ask me what thing ,That,I point!
    Nursre-Oh,that monitors your brain activity?
    Self-then why is it "Flat-lined" all the time ?
    Nurse-It's not,it records on the in-side.
    Self-I have given it a name you know?
    Nurse-You have and what would that be ?
    Self- Dango-3PO ..............!
    Nurse-Well I'm not gonna touch that one !
    Self-Tough me here ........:supergrin:
    Self-I get a big old smile and she leaves!
    Self-Well it's back to me and me again and happy pill is kicking!
    Self-I feel it,really,washing over my face and down my body,wow!
    Self-I am amazed I can still feel anything !
    Self-What are these wonderful pills?Kick-ass whatever they are?
    Self-When I get out I want some of these suckers!
    Self-Gotta watch it,too much of a good thing ?
    Self-Go away,let me enjoy,I feel no pain,no guilt,go away!
    Self-Good idea but I can't go away for I am me !
    Self-I just b***h-slapped myself.
    Self-Must not be enough,buzz the nurse.
    Nurse-What's wrong,are you OK ?
    Self-Time for woe is me act , yes?I still hurt a "little"!
    Nurse-Let me see,I'll be right back .
    Self- What a ham,a shlamlie,easy prey for the master !
    Nurse-Well here you go , this should help.
    Self-Now i'm cross-eyed,all is good.One request nurse!
    Nurse-And what would that be may I ask?
    Self-May you perhaps change the mg. to maybe mm.?
    She laughs and says you are still funny that's good.
    Self-That did the trick,me and myself are both chillin!
    Self-So now what?what do I do now?
    Self- Absolutely nothing,just enjoy the wanders off medicine!
    Self-You mean lie here and scratch my nose?
    Self-Yes that is exactly what I mean.Time to "Shut-up".:supergrin:

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  3. Self-Well ,I'm back and lost a few hours?Who knows?
    Self-I'm expecting a visit from Rod Serling any moment!
    Self-Don't I mean Outer-Limits ?
    Self-I don't know what I mean,you know what I mean?
    Self-No but I'm used to never know what anything ?
    Self-They called that spontinuity,never did know what I might say or do?
    Self-So ,I'm saying I have no idea what I might say next?
    Self-Yeap.It just flow-eth from somewhere out there!
    Self-And when did I first notice this problem?
    Self-What problem............?I ain't got no problem ?
    Self-There are millions of people out there right now watching
    your self not talking to yourself but typing to yourself, Hmm?
    Self-I am beyond humility,modesty and such matters!:tongueout:
    Have I no pride left,I got an ass-less gown on and some total stranger wipes my butt and I ask about pride?
    Self-True that again,them playing with your brain gives
    violated a whole meaning don't it?
    Self-Now you got it,a beaver shot ain't nothin,this is somethin!
    Self-They have seen well beyond my anus,my soul ?
    Self-Yeap,now what do I have to be shy about?
    Self-Maybe you got somethin goin here ?
    Self-Nooowww what am I talking about ? Hmmmm?
    Self-I have reach the maturity of a five year old!
    Self-I have no idea what I am saying ?................??
    Self-Easy,true to the bone,nothing left to hide,like a child!
    Self-I think I took too much happy "pill" today.....?
    Self-Not at all,just an open book,loved,laughing and lucky!
    Self-It's kind of fun to be insane,just don't care,do I ?
    Self-I care but, about the right things,deep **** !
    Self-Just don't ever show them a picture of me,you know?
    Self-True that.They will go through thinking,do I know this Guy? Could this be my neighbor? Hmmm? :supergrin:
    Self-I might even be a relative,scary ain't it ?I might even be your wife ? :shocked:
    Self-Enough,you may have scared them away !
    Self-There tough,they can take it !
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  9. Mate,hows it rocken ? Down under,always wandered just what that meant ? Under what? Good to have friends so far away!

    I've seen them eyes before,you been in my stash?You are more than welcome .Share the wealth !:supergrin:
  10. OSSI

    OSSI Litter Kitty


    This phrase reflects how Australia appears from a northern Hemisphere perspective and on a globe. Australia is the only continent with a permanent population that is entirely below the equator.

    And yes, we have to drink the beer quickly so the bubbles don't fall out :supergrin:
  11. Self-Well,I'm home!That was a pain in the butt!
    Self-Yes it was,now I know what a NAS-Car driver feels like
    with all that head gear !
    Self-Yeah but, mine don't come off for 6 weeks!
    Self-All this brightness,I need sun glasses!
    Self-Yeah but, my head is more like bra size than head size!
    Self-Put one of my wife's bras over my eyes!
    Self-Well,silly me,I didn't think about that you know ?
    Self-What cup size do I think I would be? DDD ...?
    Self-At least! It's time,.......and now !
    Self-What ? What am I talkin about now?
    Self-Happy happy pill time ,that's what !
    Self- yes.it is , I agree.......:supergrin:
    Self-She's looking at me.......weird........?
    Self-OK,What's up.why you looking at me like that ?
    Wife-You look so .......uncomfortable !
    Self-Really ? Dah!Why you think that?Maybe cause my head weighs 300lbs.?
    Wife-Anything I can do.......?
    Self-Yes ! Your purse,the happy pill,that would help!
    Wife-Jumps into the cosmos,her purse and I drool!
    Self-Yeap,I am conditioned,call me "Pavlo"......!
    Self-Yeap! I here that bottle or every 4 hours,I drool !
    Self-I feel so....?.........? What was I talking about ?
    Self-Like always,I have no idea,I just follow .
    Self-I have no choice , do I ?
    Self-No I don't ,no choice at all!
    Self-That's right I am stuck with myself "PERIOD" !
    Self-I feeling it,the pill,:)cool:) that's better!
    Self-I want to frolick in the falling leaves ........ !
    Self-Oh no,the 5 year old is back,isn't he ?
    Self-Yes,And I'm starting to like him !
    Self-So am I,He's a part of myself I've not seen in years!
    Self-Welcome back,long time no see little man !
    Wife-You gonna make it OK ...................?
    Self-I just look and think,....I'm kinda commited yes?
    Self-Yeah,you no me,nails!Not to worry dearest!
    Self-Now she's treating me like a 5 year old,good!:supergrin:
    Self-Yes,baby me baby!Is it time time for woe is me crap?
    Self-Nauh, latter when I really need it,the cup only so deep!
    Self-Funny how this whole things work,I went from mule to
    poor poor dango,I have power in this woe is me crap!
    Self- Hmmm? Mule to king ! I must ponder this,later !:supergrin:
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  13. Thank You !:supergrin:
  14. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I am askeered to read it all.
  15. The bullman askeered, no way................:supergrin:
  16. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Chicken. :upeyes:

    Make Dinky read it to you at bedtime.

  17. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Can we keep a light on?
  18. Yes,and there shall be light then ! For I showeth the way to
    enlightenment via IV !:supergrin:
  19. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    No need.

    Dinky glows in the dark.
  20. Speaking of Dinky,were did he go? Dink,got your ears on,you OK out there ?:dunno:

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