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Ok then !

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by dango, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Self-Wow dango is going home!
    Self-Yeap ! Tommorrow !
    Self-How did I like all the stupid questions from the witch doc..
    Self-I didn,t,He thought I was depressed or something ?
    Self-I know,what's up with that ?
    Self-Well ,he didn't like your answer !
    Self-What , the one about the how do I feel,etc. ?
    Self-Yeap !
    Self-Well what was I supposed to say?
    Self-Tell him that you just do not and will not take anti-depressents !
    Self-You could have chosen better words!
    Self-I think not,my answer was fine!
    Self-What,the part where you said if you only had one bullit?
    Self-Yes !
    self-I don't think telling him you would shoot him in the foot
    was Propper!
    Self-But the part where you told him to be gone ,"YOU" depress me was funny !
    Self-Yes,that was funny !
    Self-And what about that second tube?
    Self-Don't think he went for it,I think he wants me "UN-Balanced !
    Self-Why would he want that ?
    Self-To keep me at bay,from wandering too far.
    Self-???????????????.....What ?
    Self-It will keep me walking in a circle get it ?
    Self-Again,no I don't get it ? Here I go again,so tell me pray-tell !
    Self-Well ,If I Keep walking in circles,I can't get to my truck!
    Self-Why you want to get to your truck,where you goin?
    Self-Shhhhh-! Liquor store !
    Self-How you gona get away with that,the smell,the wife ?
    Self-Shhhh-! I'm gonna pour it into my IV bag ! :supergrin:
    Self-I like it .......................:supergrin:
    Self-How you gonna get liquor looking like that?
    Self-I'm gonna get a brown paper bag,cut holes for the eyes!
    Self-I'll tell him I'm a stand-up comic and crack a joke!
    Self-I ain't gonnin.
    Self-Now that would create a problem,if I ain't goin,I ain't goin!
    Self-That's it ,I'm leaving !
    Self-:supergrin:How am I gona do that ?
    Self -True that,Hmmm? Maybe Carl will help !
    Self-Don't think so,Carl likes me too much to do stupid crap!
    Self-I do look pretty stupid right now,true that.
    Self-We shall have to ponder this Hmmmmmmmmmm?
    Self-Watch that 'we' crap,people might think I'm crazy or something,there is only one here!
    Self-True that,I'm not crazy,insane perhaps,not crazy!
    Self-What is the difference...................?
    Self-Someones coming,dare not let them see this,second floor?
    Self-:shocked:Got to go for they come-th.....later.:supergrin:
  2. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Self-Well I'm back and all went well. I had some questions as always,and ask the nurse,just what is that thing .
    Nurse-What thing ?
    Self-How could you possibly ask me what thing ,That,I point!
    Nursre-Oh,that monitors your brain activity?
    Self-then why is it "Flat-lined" all the time ?
    Nurse-It's not,it records on the in-side.
    Self-I have given it a name you know?
    Nurse-You have and what would that be ?
    Self- Dango-3PO ..............!
    Nurse-Well I'm not gonna touch that one !
    Self-Tough me here ........:supergrin:
    Self-I get a big old smile and she leaves!
    Self-Well it's back to me and me again and happy pill is kicking!
    Self-I feel it,really,washing over my face and down my body,wow!
    Self-I am amazed I can still feel anything !
    Self-What are these wonderful pills?Kick-ass whatever they are?
    Self-When I get out I want some of these suckers!
    Self-Gotta watch it,too much of a good thing ?
    Self-Go away,let me enjoy,I feel no pain,no guilt,go away!
    Self-Good idea but I can't go away for I am me !
    Self-I just b***h-slapped myself.
    Self-Must not be enough,buzz the nurse.
    Nurse-What's wrong,are you OK ?
    Self-Time for woe is me act , yes?I still hurt a "little"!
    Nurse-Let me see,I'll be right back .
    Self- What a ham,a shlamlie,easy prey for the master !
    Nurse-Well here you go , this should help.
    Self-Now i'm cross-eyed,all is good.One request nurse!
    Nurse-And what would that be may I ask?
    Self-May you perhaps change the mg. to maybe mm.?
    She laughs and says you are still funny that's good.
    Self-That did the trick,me and myself are both chillin!
    Self-So now what?what do I do now?
    Self- Absolutely nothing,just enjoy the wanders off medicine!
    Self-You mean lie here and scratch my nose?
    Self-Yes that is exactly what I mean.Time to "Shut-up".:supergrin:

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012

  3. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Self-Well ,I'm back and lost a few hours?Who knows?
    Self-I'm expecting a visit from Rod Serling any moment!
    Self-Don't I mean Outer-Limits ?
    Self-I don't know what I mean,you know what I mean?
    Self-No but I'm used to never know what anything ?
    Self-They called that spontinuity,never did know what I might say or do?
    Self-So ,I'm saying I have no idea what I might say next?
    Self-Yeap.It just flow-eth from somewhere out there!
    Self-And when did I first notice this problem?
    Self-What problem............?I ain't got no problem ?
    Self-There are millions of people out there right now watching
    your self not talking to yourself but typing to yourself, Hmm?
    Self-I am beyond humility,modesty and such matters!:tongueout:
    Have I no pride left,I got an ass-less gown on and some total stranger wipes my butt and I ask about pride?
    Self-True that again,them playing with your brain gives
    violated a whole meaning don't it?
    Self-Now you got it,a beaver shot ain't nothin,this is somethin!
    Self-They have seen well beyond my anus,my soul ?
    Self-Yeap,now what do I have to be shy about?
    Self-Maybe you got somethin goin here ?
    Self-Nooowww what am I talking about ? Hmmmm?
    Self-I have reach the maturity of a five year old!
    Self-I have no idea what I am saying ?................??
    Self-Easy,true to the bone,nothing left to hide,like a child!
    Self-I think I took too much happy "pill" today.....?
    Self-Not at all,just an open book,loved,laughing and lucky!
    Self-It's kind of fun to be insane,just don't care,do I ?
    Self-I care but, about the right things,deep **** !
    Self-Just don't ever show them a picture of me,you know?
    Self-True that.They will go through thinking,do I know this Guy? Could this be my neighbor? Hmmm? :supergrin:
    Self-I might even be a relative,scary ain't it ?I might even be your wife ? :shocked:
    Self-Enough,you may have scared them away !
    Self-There tough,they can take it !
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012
  4. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Mate,hows it rocken ? Down under,always wandered just what that meant ? Under what? Good to have friends so far away!

    I've seen them eyes before,you been in my stash?You are more than welcome .Share the wealth !:supergrin:
  5. OSSI

    OSSI Litter Kitty CLM

    Mar 17, 2004
    Tasmania, Australia

    This phrase reflects how Australia appears from a northern Hemisphere perspective and on a globe. Australia is the only continent with a permanent population that is entirely below the equator.

    And yes, we have to drink the beer quickly so the bubbles don't fall out :supergrin:
  6. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Self-Well,I'm home!That was a pain in the butt!
    Self-Yes it was,now I know what a NAS-Car driver feels like
    with all that head gear !
    Self-Yeah but, mine don't come off for 6 weeks!
    Self-All this brightness,I need sun glasses!
    Self-Yeah but, my head is more like bra size than head size!
    Self-Put one of my wife's bras over my eyes!
    Self-Well,silly me,I didn't think about that you know ?
    Self-What cup size do I think I would be? DDD ...?
    Self-At least! It's time,.......and now !
    Self-What ? What am I talkin about now?
    Self-Happy happy pill time ,that's what !
    Self- is , I agree.......:supergrin:
    Self-She's looking at me.......weird........?
    Self-OK,What's up.why you looking at me like that ?
    Wife-You look so .......uncomfortable !
    Self-Really ? Dah!Why you think that?Maybe cause my head weighs 300lbs.?
    Wife-Anything I can do.......?
    Self-Yes ! Your purse,the happy pill,that would help!
    Wife-Jumps into the cosmos,her purse and I drool!
    Self-Yeap,I am conditioned,call me "Pavlo"......!
    Self-Yeap! I here that bottle or every 4 hours,I drool !
    Self-I feel so....?.........? What was I talking about ?
    Self-Like always,I have no idea,I just follow .
    Self-I have no choice , do I ?
    Self-No I don't ,no choice at all!
    Self-That's right I am stuck with myself "PERIOD" !
    Self-I feeling it,the pill,:)cool:) that's better!
    Self-I want to frolick in the falling leaves ........ !
    Self-Oh no,the 5 year old is back,isn't he ?
    Self-Yes,And I'm starting to like him !
    Self-So am I,He's a part of myself I've not seen in years!
    Self-Welcome back,long time no see little man !
    Wife-You gonna make it OK ...................?
    Self-I just look and think,....I'm kinda commited yes?
    Self-Yeah,you no me,nails!Not to worry dearest!
    Self-Now she's treating me like a 5 year old,good!:supergrin:
    Self-Yes,baby me baby!Is it time time for woe is me crap?
    Self-Nauh, latter when I really need it,the cup only so deep!
    Self-Funny how this whole things work,I went from mule to
    poor poor dango,I have power in this woe is me crap!
    Self- Hmmm? Mule to king ! I must ponder this,later !:supergrin:
  7. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Oct 11, 2003
    SW Virginia
  8. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    The bullman askeered, no way................:supergrin:
  9. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Jan 7, 2001
    Plano, Texas, Republic of
    Chicken. :upeyes:

    Make Dinky read it to you at bedtime.

  10. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Oct 11, 2003
    SW Virginia
    Can we keep a light on?
  11. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Yes,and there shall be light then ! For I showeth the way to
    enlightenment via IV !:supergrin:
  12. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Jan 7, 2001
    Plano, Texas, Republic of
    No need.

    Dinky glows in the dark.
  13. dango


    Jun 9, 2008
    Speaking of Dinky,were did he go? Dink,got your ears on,you OK out there ?:dunno: