Ok,then , part 4..!

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by dango, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Ladies and Gents:

    Looks like I'm done Here. I tried to get some interest cause the place looked a little slow. I didn't think it should die so I put Forth a hell of an effort. kick over some rocks and look for life ?

    Don't know if I did or not but , it is time to give it back so , have at it and it has been fun....! :supergrin:

    Thank you All ! :tongueout:Wolfe , you take care now...!:elephant:

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  2. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I just had trouble following it. I don't drink enough anymore. but don't leave. It will pick back up, it always does.

    song pop has captured my attention.

  3. Try and write it and I'm way too sober , Have good one Bullman
    and give Tous a hug fer me......!:tongueout:
  4. I never once said that I was leaving , just that the spectical was over ! I think "JACK NICKLESON" said it best .(-YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH-) , Too bad !

    I have bared my bones here , Most true ,of -couse you know that I am "BED-RIDDEN for about 3 more weeks so little factoids can not be true , like where I am mobile! Fiction some parts but , MOST IS TRURE.........!

    I have gotten what I need here and THANK YOU...! All of you may have not , Been bad , (-WOE IS YOU-)...!

  5. You are open for thought , very vague , so's you are OK in my book ? Care to elaborate.........? :supergrin:
  6. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!


  7. In thee more normal asppect of my , some-what bizzar spectical , I have seemed to (-Shock-) some . In order to reach a "More " normal persona , I have become and reach for (Normalcy) wich
    seems to be more acceppctable , yes ?

    Welcome to thee new boreing ass me........! There-fore , whatever....! :tongueout:

    Welcome Sir's and Madames.......! (PUKE).....!
  8. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Normalcy is for wimps and Yankees.
    Defy convention, amigo!
    Spit in the eye of commonplace!
    Challenge usual to a duel!

    Pet my heffalump. :elephant:
  9. Dare I really ? Look at the numbers here Tous , man of not so many words..! A bizillion curiousities , not many REPLIES , what doth that say-eth ? Hmmmmmm ?

    No one will talk to me any-more , funny , but truer-est-eht ly ! :tongueout:
  10. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    Them others are in awe of your profundity.

    May I have this Snoopy dance? :snoopy:
  11. HOW PROFOUND.................! :supergrin:
  12. I thought you were packing up your marbles and going home to have a pity party. That is my response to people that do this. If this is not the case then, meh.
  13. Self pity , I pity the Doctors , all day , everyday , pissin and moanin , how do they deal with that ?

    My goal is to make people laugh and yes , My Doctors laugh cause they need it more than I do.

    Next time you go to your Doctors , just look around , all those
    (-WOE-IS-ME-) Mo Fo's ..! Man , I feel sorry for my Doctors..!

  14. I work with them. They hear things they don't expect out of me quite often.
  15. Now that's the spirit and besides , I lost all my marbles a long time ago....! :tongueout:
  16. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    You had marbles? I never had any marbles. Where can you get marbles? I got one out of a can of spray paint once.
  17. Silent_Runner

    Silent_Runner Can you hear me

    You will stay because you have good meds.:rofl:rofl:
  18. GLITCH...........Oooooops . DOES NOT COMPUTE............?
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  19. Meds got noting to do with nothing , I come here cause I try to make people laugh , Go figure.............!

    AND SO thee (-GLITCH-) continue-eth.........Files . DELEAT.....PFFFT !
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