OK, so I tried Thunderbird (again) and had to leave it..

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Skyhook, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I could not create new Folders in which to place the more valuable fertilizer I get in emails.

    I positively hate Windows Mail because the brain-dead thing keeps going !PONG! "Windows cannot locate...." with the sound as I try to click on a link within an email.

    But, since I need the new folders... I have left Thunderbird even though I am very happy with Firefox.

    Oh, and did I mention that I hate computers?:shocked:

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  2. Have you ever thought of just using Gmail? Its web interface (I've found) is great, and very easy to use.. (Actually, AOL's has came a long way also). There are several desktop applets you can download and install, that will monitor your email account, so you'll know when you have an email, and it won't notify you unecessarily(ie SPAM).

    I know for Linux and Gmail, there's one called Gmail notify... which I'm sure has a Windows equivalent. Once setup, it only notifies you of email that goes to your inbox or sub folders of Inbox. If you click on the applet, it opens your default browser and goes right to your account. With GMAIL Notify, as long as you set it to also check the subfolder(gmail calls them labels) it will alert you.


  3. I have Gmail set up in Outlook Express as a POP3 account...works fantastic!!

  4. Gmail.. hmmmmm, I'll look into it. Thanks.
  5. I use Thunderbird all the time.
    To get folders, you right click on either the Inbox, or the local folder icon and select new folder.
  6. That doesn't work on the new, improved version it seems.
    I also had the older version and it did exactly what you said.
  7. Which version do you have?

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