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Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by Antipaladin, Jan 22, 2013.

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  2. Fear Night

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    Was it a Bushwhacker with high capacity clips?
  3. Though this wasn't a mass shooting with an "active shooter," it is interesting that this particular scenario 'does' totally trip up the concept of having more citizens armed.

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  4. Yep as I said after the Sandy Hook shooting we'll keep seeing these every other week until they get what they want- America gun free!:steamed:
  5. The timing again is impeccable. Right after the Executive Orders and flying in the face of "more armed citizens stop crime". Texas??? Really???? Could it have been more perfect from an anti-2nd perspective? This is bull$hit
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  6. Ditto here.

    Sandy hook just so happens to occur shortly after O is reelected ( greater flexibility) and around Christmas...

    Then another shooter is stopped with words and not a gun after many had been arguin that to stop a bad guy with a gun you need a good guy with a gun...

    Now we have one happen a shooting in pro-ccw Tx. Msnbc goons seem to hate the fact that in Tx you can concealed carry...

    In my state, you can carry at a university. Even so our universities are not the OK Corral.:upeyes:
  7. Jerry

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    Nahhhhhh, it was and assault-pistol with one of those flip-up thingies and bayonet-lug.
  8. Yes someone is putting these scumbags up to this, they are called the F$C*ING media!!!:steamed:
  9. tacticalG23

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    Seriously, this is unrealistic at this point. Election - shooting, Inauguration - shooting... Does anyone happen to know if anyone in the whitehouse has a birthday coming up? Please post the date, I'll save my vacation time and stay home for atleast a month after they blow out the candles...

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