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  1. I recently applied for my license and wanted tell how easy and pleasant it was.I live in Stark county and after doing some research found out that they are not for the ccw so I am told.They are taking just about the max time aloud to issue.I ended up going one county west to Wayne county called to make appointment,spoke with Beth, she was very pleasant and helpful to talk with told me everything I needed to bring and to bring a self addressed envelope.Was not sure why I needed the envelope but took it anyway.Showed up twenty minutes before scheduled time, they took me in early was out before my scheduled time,this was a Thursday received my license in the mail the next Tuesday!!! WOW Thanks to all of the officers at Wayne county for an exceptional job and experience.:wavey:

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  2. Congrats on the CCW.:wavey:

    I am in the first year group. Every renewal will be a first for the state and me. :supergrin:

  3. I did not know they could mail them out. I had to pick up mine at the county jail where they take the applications (I'm in Summit County).
  4. how long did it take to process?
  5. I live in Lorain County and the wait for an application appointment was 2 1/2 months.

    In Huron County, I couldn't even contact the ONE person in charge.

    You can apply in an adjacent county to your own. I'm not sure if you can apply if you are not adjacent.

    Some counties really make it difficult. We are a "Shall Issue" state, but local politics
    can be a PITA.

    I went to Erie County in Sandusky and the lady was fantastic. They take applications M-F 9-5 or something like that. Just walk in.

    I had mine in 9 (nine) days.
  6. I have an appointment this coming Monday. They were friendly enough on the phone. Hoping it goes quickly!
  7. The best of luck.
  8. The Summit County Sheriff is no fan of CCW but my CHL didn't take but a few weeks. Can't recall exactly how long but it wasn't bad.

  9. The Sheriff’s Office has a required time line they have to meet that is in the CCW Law here in Ohio.

    None of the Sheriff’s need to be a fan of the CCW Law. However, they do need to obey the CCW Law. Sheriff McFail of Cuyahoga County learned the hard way when he was taken to court over it.
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  10. If you are in Summit County they take along time, I heard at least a month after you go there. So I was advised to go to Portage County, I had to wait 2 weeks for the appt. but recieved it in the mail exactly 1 week later.
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    Geauga took 4 days total. I dropped my application off on a Saturday, it was ready on Tuesday and I picked it up the following Saturday. This was a few years ago, so I don't know how long the wait is now.

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  12. When I got mine I just stuck with my home county (Richland) and I applied on a Thursday morning...received a call from the Sheriff early Friday morning saying I was good to go, but I had to wait till Monday because no one was in the office on Fridays for me to pick it up.
  13. had the appointment at hamilton county yesterday.....they were all very pleasant. she came and got me early and I was out the door inside of 15 minutes. not bad at all. now hoping it gets processed quickly!
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    It was the same for me here in Columbiana county. I didn't know they mailed them out either! :dunno:

    That's news to me!
  15. I lived in Stark county when I got mine, back in 2007. I applied for it on a Thursday, got it a week and 4 days later on a Monday. I was lucky mine didn't take so long. I had heard that SCSO waits until the absolute limit to issue them.

    I live in Wayne county now, Mr. Maurer and the new Sheriff Mr. Hutchinson are pretty good family friends and are definitely for CCW/NRA! :)
  16. My sister in law lives in lake county and got hers the same day. It took about 1 1/2 hours.
  17. when i policed in ohio prior to the ccw law none of the troops who pinched somebody for improper transportation of a firearm could get a conviction in the southeastern counties....the judges just didnt go for that crap.

    i imagine that if youre in a rural county the ccw process is considerably faster and less b.s. than an urban county.
  18. I'm in Franklin (Columbus) and it literally took 2 or 3 days. I was shocked how fast they called me.
  19. we have a new sheriff in Summit County and I'm not sure what his position on ccw is. I just went last week for my second renewal and no appointment was needed. they told me I would be called inside of three weeks to pick up my permit.
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  20. Go figure, its Cuyahoga. That is the largest blue patch in OH.

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