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Oh good lord...

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by BULLRUNN, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. JohnnyReb

    JohnnyReb Lifetime Member

    Sep 20, 2004
    Try not to have too much fun........

    All kidding aside, this will be a pain in the ass for you.

  2. Sharkey


    Nov 21, 2006
    DFW, TX
    Displeasure with the American Financial System? Maybe they would prefer Communism? Wish they would protest Congress instead. I would but I have a job to go to.

    Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy......
  3. They talk peaceful demonstration. But the article's tone sounds militant already.
  4. Good luck and be safe Bull.
  5. CAcop


    Jul 21, 2002
    Good luck. They are starting here too. We have rain in the forecast so it might scare the unwashed hippies away. No plans on running 12s yet.
  6. Is downtown Norfolk served by Amtrack? It actually sounds like participating in this protest as a demonstrator might be kind of fun. Weather is going to be nice. Probably plenty of Co-eds who want to save the world. Then the next morning I take the train and get out of Dodge.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2011
  7. seanmac45

    seanmac45 CLM

    Apr 13, 2000
    Brooklyn, NY
    The ones up here in Zucotti park are a stinky batch of vermin.
  8. Dukeboy01

    Dukeboy01 Pretty Ladies!

    Apr 30, 2000
    Lexington, KY
    Our version of this crap has kinda fizzled. The temps were in the low 70's under cloudless skies and I counted a total of only 9 of these losers when I drove by the Chase Bank building where they've congregated around three this afternoon.
  9. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor CLM

    Feb 25, 2002
    You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it's evolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don't you know that you can count me out
    Don't you know it's gonna be all right
    all right, all right

    You say you got a real solution
    Well, you know
    We'd all love to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well, you know
    We're doing what we can
    But when you want money
    for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell is brother you have to wait
    Don't you know it's gonna be all right
    all right, all right

    ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...

    You say you'll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it's the institution
    Well, you know
    You better free you mind instead
    But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
    You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
    Don't you know it's gonna be all right
    all right, all right
    all right, all right, all right
    all right, all right, all right
  10. You are looking at it the wrong way!!!

    I used to look forward to working these things. Consider them highlights of your career. For me it was the Riots of 92, major Earthquake of 94, the DNC and massive abortion protests of the early 80's. They used to have a thing in Downtown L.A. called L.A. Street Scene. there were at least two murders and massive gang fights at every one till it was canceled. 12 hour shifts are great for the cash overtime you make. It would beat the heck out of regular patrol work, semi normal surveillances and every day homicide investigations I would normally be working on.
    Later they would put my squad out to infiltrate and gain intel in the crowd. We would be protesting along with the idiots and I.D. the ring leaders and have them cherry picked out of the crowd and disposed of. :supergrin:

    I am not joking, maybe I just had a different take on good police work but if done correctly it was fun and unforgettable for me. That's why I went to the big city, I would do more in a year than most officers would do in a life time. Many stories came from such details. Then you can go back to the routine.

    Have fun and stay safe!!!
  11. Denikes


    May 29, 2006
    Keep this silliness down by the coast if you don't mind Bull. :tongueout:
  12. Happy hunting and take no prisoners.........:wavey:...Uh, I mean, make sure the law abiding demonstrators are able to exercises their 1st Amendment right of free speech without interference from local LE...:whistling:
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2011
  13. Before one of these things my Captain would tell us "Remember Guys, Just because you Beat em does not mean you have to Book em."

    I'm sure he was kidding!!! :whistling:
  14. Here's my rant:

    These pavlovian fools have no real clue about what they're protesting.


    Oh, it's cool and fun to make protests about a system they believe is unfair, rail against cops who do society's work, act like they have something serious to be upset about.

    But the reality is that 99.9 & 44/100ths of them have never stood in a bread line, never sold apples to make enough for soup, never really lived on the streets, never really did anything outside their comfort zone, never had any experience with squatters camps full of diseases in third world countries, never lived through a real depression or a war with rationing. Never endured real hardships. Never worked real jobs and I daresay, never owned a legitimate business.

    So they get their hippie on and go protest. Never realizing that their occupations will drive them deeper into poverty, failure and eventually a revolution they will never really want.
  15. Kahr_Glockman


    Feb 26, 2005

    This may be one of the most accurate things I have read in along time on here. I totally agree with it. This is the problem with society as a whole.
  16. DoogieHowser

    DoogieHowser Eh

    Jul 27, 2005
    VA, USA
    At least VA can arrest for the mask issue, that helps cut out the malcontents that don't want to be found at least. Be safe
  17. Maybe some enterprising person can set up a concession stand to sell soap and water to these (soon to be smelly) knuckleheads....Oh wait, these fools are anti-capitalists. I bet they'll wanna know where the local Starbucks is located.....:faint:

    I was watching Fox News this A.M and saw video of a few Wall Street protesters who were chanting:

    "What do we want"?
    "We're not sure".....
    "When do we want it"?

    I'm not sure if this was legit or just a spoof, but it was pretty funny...:rofl: I can guarantee that a large majority of them really have no idea what their protesting against...
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2011

    BULLRUNN Double Tap

    Oct 1, 2001
    Hampton Roads
    UPDATE.. we have 50 to 100 right now just milling around downtown just looking for their free handout....but night shift is comming and we are getting ready to deal with the anarchist..if any...I to am doing a RAIN dance in the back lot of the patrol division...we are on 12's nice to have OT Christmas is right around the corner.. baby needs a new pair of shoes.... take care guys...
  19. The-Fly

    The-Fly The Bofh

    Apr 27, 2005
    hopefully this will make you smile OP.....