Official Numbers Thread!

Discussion in 'Freemason's Lodge' started by B. Somm, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Didn't know you were still counting

    I'm in

    Wetzel Lodge No. 39, West Virginia

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  2. B. Somm

    B. Somm Lady B/Team OAF
    Millennium Member CLM

    Always! :supergrin:

    ...However, #39 is already taken, so if you wanted that one, you'll have to pick another or I can just add you to list...which would be #54.

    gashog99, were you wanting #265?

    B. :headscratch:

  3. ander

    Silver Member

    :supergrin: I would like # 338, home Lodge AF&AM Florence # 338, Florence Texas.I found this site by just looking around, I normaly read Cop Talk I don't post much,just looking at the people that have posted here and on CT. A lot of good brothers are here.
    two blue lodges
    32 degree
    Chapter and Councel
    Just about past everything
    Over 30 yrs
    Thanks Brothers
    Gary Aka (ander):grouphug:
  4. 54 is fine, 39 is my Lodge number
  5. I would like #798.
  6. blue0623

    blue0623 2B1ASK1

    I will take number 157 that is my lodge number.
  7. B. Somm

    B. Somm Lady B/Team OAF
    Millennium Member CLM

    WV45fan, blue0623, augustus 01 and ander...

    You've all been added to the number list!

    B. :)
  8. I'm in for #342. That's my Lodge number.
  9. B. Somm

    B. Somm Lady B/Team OAF
    Millennium Member CLM

    #342 for CAPITALIST....done!

    B. : wavey :
  10. Many Thanks!
  11. This was a pleasant suprise to find this on Glock Talk. I have met several brothers at local and state IDPA matches, and most of the brothers at my lodge at least own a gun or two, but I did not expect to find you here.
    Robin H. McKinney PM
    Meridian Sun Lodge #50 F&AM
    Athens, TN
  12. ander

    Silver Member

    Thanks I do like this site.
  13. mark996

    mark996 NRA/CleatMember

    Had no idea we had a Freemason section here. I'd always seen quite a few brothers posting by their avatars. Very nice section to have. If I may, #996, my ID # at the PD.

    Mark Russell
    AF&AM Seagoville,Texas #654
    Frequent visitor to the Pentagon Lodge #1080 Downtown Dallas, TX
  14. Welcome Brother - Make yourself at home
  15. Hey brothers

    Brother JP here from Hub City Lodge , can I get number 627 thats my lodge number.. Thanks
  16. B. Somm

    B. Somm Lady B/Team OAF
    Millennium Member CLM

    You have #996

    You have #627 unless I hear differently from you!

    Welcome to the forum gents!

    B. :wavey:

  17. Sweet thanks brother and thanks for the welcome. Glad we have brothers actively involved here..
  18. Charleston (Il) Lodge 35, Valley Of Danville (Il) checking in. I would like 1952 please. And thank you brother.
  19. B. Somm

    B. Somm Lady B/Team OAF
    Millennium Member CLM

    You're all set Teddybear! You bring the forum membership up to 82 members as of today! :thumbsup:

    B. :wavey:

    <-- Can't be a brother since I'm a gal. :sad: ...Just an FYI! :)

    <--- Still appreciates being allowed to be the "Keeper of the Numbers" tho! :supergrin:
  20. Hello Brothers,
    Warpole #176 checking in.

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