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Official GHB/BOB rating scale (LONG)

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by WilyCoyote, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil Platinum Member

    Jun 25, 2004
    Amarillo, Tx

    Great work on the spreadsheet, it really helps! Also, as far as pulling BOB stuff out, I keep a compartmentalized inventory sheet on the computer, in the truck, and in the bag, as well as individual compartment inventories in the respective compartments.
    Speaking of which, I need to get the damn C and AA batteries OUT of the GHB and put them in the truck bag. Heavy suckers, and I don't have anything that takes Cs or AAs in the GHB anymore.

    Edit: Moving the unneeded batteries to the truck took 2lbs off my GHB weight! Woohoo!
  2. JBlitzen

    JBlitzen .22 Hater

    Dec 18, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Truck bag, rifle, and radio case:

    (Hmm, redid it with the spreadsheet and the total changed mysteriously)

    (Hmm 2, removed the rifle and radio case after reading an early post in this thread, even though the radio case seems to qualify as 10)

    Shelter: 10 (2.5 man 4 season tent)
    Hydro: 10 (Pumps and pills galore)
    Food: 10 (Weeks of lifeboat rations + redundant snare wire, traps, and fishing kit)
    Fire: 8 (No stove, just redundant starters and tinder)
    Portable: 4
    Navigation: 6 (Topo maps are an interesting idea)
    Durable: 7 (Only 7 for REI? Wtf!)
    Defense: 4 (Ever since my move, my pistols are in lockdown, larger and redundant knives are a good idea)
    First Aid: 8 (I don't trust myself with the clotting agents, and wouldn't have a clue what to do with a scalpel or needle)
    Comms: 9

    Total: 81.8

    Discussion thread:

  3. Geko45

    Geko45 Smartass Pilot CLM

    Nov 1, 2002
    Sticky! Sticky! Sticky!

  4. Don't forget, the higher you score, isn't the better the bag or the better the grade, just means you're an apple, not an orange. Trend seems that 50-70 people are more GHB types and 70-80 people are BOB types. High 80's fits a seriously equipped BOB and if your scoring in the middle to high 90's or 100 you're a cheater!:tongueout:

  5. By the By, I'm a 54 with the new fire scale factored in...interestingly, through the addition of three categories, my GHB stayed within a 2 point variance, which seems to show consistancy throughout the scale.

    I'd be interested to see how altoid tin or Nalgene bottle, super-portable survival kits score
  6. CCO

    CCO Wandering CLM

    Jan 18, 2006
    Lake Texoma
    Great idea, and the spreadsheet makes it even better. Sure helps me to identify holes in my GHB. Mine is worked off a pair of nearly identical GHBs for the wife and I. I plan on bugging in if at all possible. I work 3 miles from home, but take a lot of trips also and have set up my ghb up for 3 days, 2 people.

    Shelter: 8 (2 emergency bivys, 2 ponchos, spare socks, shoes)
    Hydro: 10 (katydyn filter bottle, 4 bottles water, pills)
    Food: 8 (6 cliff bars, 6 MREs, some jerky. Light for 3 days)
    Fire: 6 (blast match, 4 bic lighters, 2 cannisters of dryer lint)
    Portable: 5 (Kelty daypack with good padded waistbelt)
    Navigation: 5 (TX/OK street maps)
    Durable: 7 (Kelty backpack, mostly civvie stuff)
    Defense: 4 (a large benchmade folder in one, a large crkt folder in the other)
    First Aid: 5 (big hunter first aid kit in mine, smaller backpacker kit for her car)
    Comms: 5 (portable am/fm radio)

    Total: 69.5 points.
  7. JBlitzen

    JBlitzen .22 Hater

    Dec 18, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Yeah, a lot of my penalties are for things I choose. The topo maps are a good idea, but I still wouldn't put a GPS or surgical kit in there. Although I may have figured out a loophole through which I can add a rifle. Hmm.

    CCO, I think you missed a few redundancies. For instance, two things of tinder and two separate things of good matches = 8, I believe, not 6.
  8. Geko45

    Geko45 Smartass Pilot CLM

    Nov 1, 2002
    Sticky request submitted...
  9. Eddie C.

    Eddie C. Administrator Moderator CLM

    Feb 21, 2002
    State of Confusion

    Sticky request granted!:wavey:
  10. betyourlife

    betyourlife on a GLOCK

    May 10, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    76.9...YEAH baby!!!!
  11. Geko45

    Geko45 Smartass Pilot CLM

    Nov 1, 2002
    We need more than that betyourlife! We need contents and pics!

  12. JBlitzen

    JBlitzen .22 Hater

    Dec 18, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Good point, we should include or link to threads which include images and contents of the bags in question.

    I revised my above post accordingly.
  13. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil Platinum Member

    Jun 25, 2004
    Amarillo, Tx
    Category Score Weight Points
    Shelter: 9 21% 18.9
    Hydro: 10 16% 16.0
    Food: 6 12% 7.2
    Fire: 10 11% 11.0
    Portable: 5 10% 5.0
    Navigation: 4 10% 4.0
    Durable: 9 5% 4.5
    Defense: 10 5% 5.0
    First Aid: 6 5% 3.0
    Comms: 3 5% 1.5
    Total 100% 76.1

    I can do a list, but its loooong. And no way to get pics from camera to PC at this time.

    Date Checked: 01/19/08

    Front Compartment:
    1 4 ¼” Fixed Blade Knife
    ¼ Roll Duct Tape
    2 2AAA LED Headlamps
    1 Blue Light Stick
    1 White Light Stick
    1 Gerber Multitool
    1 2oz. Hand Sanitizer
    1 6LED, 3AAA Flashlight
    1 Lint Ball
    1 “Puppy” Water Filter (Syringe, Air Tubing, Airstone)
    1 First Aid Kit (Antiseptic Wiles, Antibiotic Ointment, 1 ¾” x 3” Bandage, 1 Knuckle Bandage, 2”x3” Pads, Tape, 1 Pair Latex Gloves, 1 Cold Pack, 1 Flare)

    Left Compartment:
    2 Ponchos
    1 2oz. 98% DEET Insect Repellent
    1 Pair Leather Gloves
    1 Garbage Bag (Pack Cover)

    Right Compartment:
    12 AAA Batteries
    8 CR123a Batteries
    9 Energy Bars

    Mesh Compartment:
    1 Disposable Lighter
    1 Digital Watch
    1 Sharpie
    1 Pen

    Main Compartment:
    3 Trash Bags
    1 Roll Toilet Paper
    ¼ Roll Paper Towels
    2 N95 Masks
    4 Pair Socks
    ½ Roll Duct Tape
    3 Flares
    1 Level 2 Water Filter
    1 Handsaw
    4 Smoke Signals
    25 14 ½” Zip Ties
    2 18 ½ oz Soup Cans
    2 Green Light Sticks
    1 Red Light Stick
    1 White Light Stick
    2 Packets Hot Coco
    2 Packets Hot Apple Cider
    1 “Outlander” Stove
    1 7oz. Fuel Can
    1 Heatsheets Emergency Bivy
    1 Pair 8x21 Binoculars
    1 Pair Wiley-X Goggles (Smoke Lenses)
    1 Set Extra Clear Lenses
    1 1oz. Bottle Lens Cleaner/Anti Fog Spray
    1 Cleaning Cloth
    1 First Aid Kit (6 Benadryl Tabs, 3 Alcohol Prep Pads, 2 Antacid Tablets, 1 Tube Superglue, 2 Disposable Thermometers, 8 Regular Bandaids, 10 Q-Tips, 6 Closure Strips, 3 Pair Latex Gloves, 12 800mG Ibuprofen Tabs, 1 12cc Syringe, 1 .9mm Needle, 1 ½” x 30ft Roll Medical Tape, 1 Roll Gauze, 1 Large Eye Patch, 2 4” x 4” Gauze Pads)

    Black Insert Bag:
    50 Rounds 7.62x54R

    Attached to the bag is a tarp and cord, M38 is in rifle case in the bed. Additional clothes and water are kept with the bag in the cab. All contents double ziplocked, main compartment contents in super heavy duty trashbag.
  14. HollowPoint .45

    HollowPoint .45 NRA Member

    Feb 21, 2007
    32.5 needs work
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2009
  15. Tht's a good score for GHB...If you're buggin out you may wanna add more
  16. Douglas in CT

    Douglas in CT Millennium Member

    Category Score Weight Points
    Shelter: 9 21% 18.9
    Hydro: 10 16% 16.0
    Food: 7 12% 8.4
    Fire: 9 11% 9.9
    Portable: 4 10% 4.0
    Navigation: 5 10% 5.0
    Durable: 7 5% 3.5
    Defense: 5 5% 2.5
    First Aid: 8 5% 4.0
    Comms: 9 5% 4.5
    Total 100% 76.7
    Congratulations! Your score is: 76.7
  17. CooperGlocker

    CooperGlocker Preparanoid!

    May 17, 2006
    Semi-Official BOB/GHB Rating System

    Category - Score - Weight - Points - (Explanation)
    Shelter - 10 - 21% - 21.0 - (Military Sleep System + Poncho + Emergency Bivy)
    Hydro - 10 - 16% - 16.0 - (Katadyn Filter, plus Datrex packets, plus Hydro Bladder)
    Food - 9 - 12% - 10.8 - (1 Week of Freeze Dried Food, plus Energy Bars, plus Snacks)
    Fire - 7 - 11% - 7.7 - (No Wet Fuel Alternatives beyond a Lighter, however, plenty of redundancy)
    Portable - 4 - 10% - 4.0 - (It's got some weight to it being an external frame pack)
    Navigation - 5 - 10% - 5.0 - (Printed Maps, Compass, no planned route yet)
    Durable - 9 - 5% - 4.5 - (Jansport Pack, some "Made in China" items)
    Defense - 6 - 5% - 3.0 - (Fixed Blade Survival Knife)
    First Aid - 5 - 5% - 2.5 - (Would like more "Serious" Injury treatment options. Need to re-organize this for the better)
    Comms - 7 - 5% - 3.5 - (Shortwave, AM, FM Receiver, plus FRS/GMRS Radios and spare batteries)
    Total 100% 78.0

    Congratulations! Your score is: 78.0

    Not bad for my first attempt. Now let's get the weight and bulk down in the future and I might be able to push up into a B/mid 80's:


    Military Sleep System (Outside Bottom)
    Heatsheets Emergency Bivvy (Right Accessory Pouch)


    Raincoat/Poncho (Main Compartment)
    OD BDU Jacket (Top Compartment)
    OD BDU Pants (Top Compartment)
    Underwear (Top Compartment)
    Blisterguard Boot Socks (Top Compartment)
    Wool Socks (Top Compartment)
    Boonie (Main, could move to top)
    Towel (Top Compartment)


    Eating Utensils (Main Compartment)
    Hexamine Fuel for Stove (Main Compartment)
    Hexamine Stove (Main Compartment)
    Camping Cup (Main Compartment)
    Mountain House Food (Main Compartment)
    Millenium Energy Bars (Left Accessory Pouch)
    Hot chocolate/Tea/Coffee (Left Accessory)
    Seasonings/Sugar/Condiments (Main Compartment)


    Waterproof Matches (Main Compartment)
    Lighter (Main Compartment)
    Fire Starter (reuseable) (Main Compartment)
    Fire Sticks (Main Compartment)
    Fire Starter (non-reuseable) (Main Compartment)
    Hexamine Stove (Main Compartment)
    Candles (Main Compartment)


    Trash Bags (Main Compartment)
    Plastic Bags (Main Compartment)
    Ziplock bags (Main Compartment)
    Toothbrush/paste (Main Compartment)
    Toilet Paper (Right Accessory Pouch)
    Chapstick (Main Compartment)
    Deodorant (Main Compartment)
    Moisturizer (Main Compartment)
    Hand Sanitizer (Main Compartment)
    Mouth Wash (Main Compartment)
    Q-Tips (Main Compartment)
    Sun Screen (Main Compartment)
    Floss (Main Compartment)
    Talcum Powder (Main Compartment)
    Antibacterial Wipes (Main Compartment)


    Hydration Bladder (Hydration Pouch)
    Katadyn Pocket Filter (Main Compartment)
    Water Purification Tablets (Main Compartment)

    First Aid:

    Insect Repellent (Main Compartment)
    Sun Screen (Main Compartment)
    Antacid Tablets (Main Compartment)
    Anti-Diharea Tablets (Main Compartment)
    Cough Drops (Main Compartment)
    Advil (Main Compartment)
    Benadryl (Main Compartment)
    First Aid Kit (Main Compartment)
    Snake Bite Kit (Main Compartment)
    Sting Eze (Anti-Itch/Bite) (Main Compartment)
    Burn Kit (Main Compartment)
    Blister Kit (Main Compartment)


    Head Lamp (On Head, or stored in Right Accessory Compartment)
    LED Keychain Light (Right Accessory Compartment)

    Misc Survival/Signal:

    Whistle (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Survival Mirror (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Spare Sun Glasses (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Sewing Kit (Main Compartment)
    Pens/Pencils (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Notebook (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Scissors (Main Compartment)
    Duct Tape (Right Accessory Compartment)
    AA, CR123A (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Safety Pins (Right Accessory Compartment)
    GP-4L AM/FM/SW Receiver (Left Accessory Compartment)
    Add-on Antenna for GP-4L (Left Accessory Compartment)
    100' Paracord (Right Accessory Compartment)
    VS-17 Panel (Right Accessory Compartment)
    SAS Survival Guide (Right Accessory Compartment)
    Navigational Compass (Accessory Pocket)
    Maps (Accessory Pocket)

    I like storing items in modular kits. The good part is, i can find everything in one place. The bad thing is, if I lose the kit, I lose everything in that category. I may perhaps prestage a few redundant items out of the kit and into different pockets, just in case.

    Here's the fire kit:


    Since taking those photos, I have also added several film canisters of dryer lint.

    Here's my hygiene kit:



    Compare to a Katadyn Pocket and a tape measure for size:


    So far so good. I'm going to test this kit at the Pennsylvania Meet and Greet in 2 weeks.

    Be there or be... warm, comfortable, and in your homes!
  18. TacticalRecon


    Oct 11, 2007
    Ran my new Bug Out Bag through this and got 87.3% Not bad! Only thing that dropped my score was portability because I am using a Full Ruck. :whistling:
  19. skyydiver

    skyydiver Gravity Slave

    Apr 1, 2003
    66.5, I can live with that for now. Pun intended.