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Discussion in 'Kel-Tec Talk' started by sgtslwilson, May 4, 2006.

  1. FastJuice

    FastJuice NozeBleedSpeed

    Yeah, I want to be # 007...or something....

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  2. You got it, Welcome to the club.


  3. You got it. License to thrill. Welcome to the club!

    Now, be sure and post plenty.

    P.S. We like pictures

  4. how bout 1 for me.....any will do!
  5. Now i have to shoot it this weekend!
    Got the forend, Flash sup, 5 extra Magazines.. 500 rds
    of Rem UMC... and now #70 on top of that! I shall shoot
    70 rds as a tribute. LOL

  6. Welcome to the club new member #73!


  7. Be sure and take plenty of pictures and post them here. We Kel-Tec junkies need our fix.

  8. I tend to overdue everything. :)
  9. Flyer 2

    Flyer 2 The REAl one.

    Now how in the heck did I get here so late???
    Oh well.
    I'd like #1963, please! :cool:
  10. can I have a number also thank you.
  11. am I supposed to know which flyer this is? Are you the inventor of the Flyerwire or some other guy? Not that it matters. Here, all you need is an enthusiam for Kel-Tecs (which both Flyers seem to have). Anyway, I was just curious.

    Welcome to the club flyer! Check the official member number list for your number.

  12. You got it! Your member number is #74. Welcome to the club. Be sure and post often

  13. Flyer 2

    Flyer 2 The REAl one.

    Yep, I'm that Flyer!
    I forgot the password for my original name here (plain 'ole Flyer), and before I got around to re-doing it lost access to my ISP. Ah, well! Just came back as Flyer 2! :)
  14. Well, we are honored sir. Your work among the legion of Kel-Tec enthusiast is not un-noticed here. We are glad to have a fellow of your expertise and dedication to these innovative pistols we love. Your page is often linked to various projects among our members.

    Thank you for becoming a part of our club!

  15. Spydermonkey

    Spydermonkey in ur rearview

    Number request, please and thanks.
  16. May I have #84 please? Thanks a bunch! Hope to get some good information from this forum since I just picked up my P3AT today!
  17. AggieMM

    AggieMM Aggie Glocker

    Requesting #288, as I just picked up a P3AT today. Thanks.

  18. You got it. Check the official member thread.

    Welcome to the club!

  19. Done!

  20. WOO HOO I am number 15 :rollsmiley: :rollsmiley:

    here is my Kel-Tec



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