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  1. Wow! Please tell the story behind those pics!


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  2. I put up my first tree stand this week. Michigan has an early antlerless season coming up on September 22-23.

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    Nice.... KEEP US POSTED! About two weeks until bow seasons opens here in MO. Bow season is when I practice for 10mm hunting (gun and then later, alternative season in MO).

    Can't wait for deer season to kick off!
  4. This weekend bow season starts in MT, also the Fall bear season opens for guns. I will be carrying my 10mm during bow season and into rifle season.
  5. Don't know what your regulations are, but in Iowa it's illegal to carry a firearm while hunting during archery season.
  6. Not here this is Montana, we have lots of big predators. We can carry guns for self defense. If I see a bear during bow season I can put on some orange and use a gun, bear rifle season and deer-elk bow seasons overlap.
  7. I got my first deer yesterday morning during the Michigan early antlerless weekend.

    I used my G20SF with Underwood 180 JHPs.

    I'll try to share more details and maybe pictures in the next day or two when I have more time.
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    It's that time of year again... hopefully it aint 70 degrees opening morning again.
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    GREAT JOB BUDDY!!! We need details!! (Did you get a full pass through?)
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    Yeah, I'm torn between the 180 GD's and the 200 XTP's.
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    If you think your shot will be placed perfectly (between ribs, around heavy bones, etc), I'd say either would be fine. As you know, however, handgun hits on live game are tricky. My suggestion is to use a WIDE meplat hardcast bullet at high speed. Stuff can happen to ANY HOLLOWPOINT. I had a 200gr XTP hand load at 1300fps fail to pass thru a deer from only 3-4y away. It killed the deer, but I sure prefer an exit anyway.
  12. I tested xtps. They can't keep up with hardcast. Hardcast wound channel is just like the hp. But goes 4 times the distance. I have a few thousand xtps and I highly doubt I will ever use them up now. Hardcast is where the performance is at.

  13. Early antlerless season is only a Saturday and Sunday. I met my uncle and his friend at 6:15am.

    It was lightly raining and about 45 degrees.

    Based on sunrise, DNR said no shooting until 6:49am on Saturday.

    So about 7:30am, I saw the back half of a deer pass through a shooting lane about 40 yards from me, angling toward me on my right. Another deer was following about ten feet behind - a buck with 6-8 points and a narrow spread.

    My tree stand faces south and they were walking upwind on a southeast-to-northwest bearing that would have them pass about thirty feet to my right.

    But as soon as the front deer came into the next shooting lane and I ascertained it was antlerless, the deer put its head down and started turning right.

    I purposefully do not clear-cut the low vegetation around my tree, so it looks more natural. But with the doe on its new bearing, it was quickly going to get into the uncut area underneath me. Then if it kept the new bearing, it was going to smell me before it got through the “blind spot.”

    All of this occurred to me in less than a second while it was turning. So I shot at its front shoulder, which was now its left shoulder. It dropped.

    It was at about 60 feet from my tree when I shot and it dropped at about 55 feet.

    Then my heart started pumping. It had all happened too quickly for me to get nervous before shooting.

    So she was down and kicking a little once in awhile. But there was no need to shoot again.

    Then I noticed something back behind her. The buck had not moved. He was frozen except for his head – apparently trying to figure out where I was. Eventually he started walking the same path, back toward where he came from. But he only backtracked maybe ten yards and turned left, going northeast toward where I walked in. He ended up milling around for probably fifteen minutes before going back south where he came from.

    Since the three of us share 55 acres, we agreed to stay in our trees until 10am rather than start making racket and ruining the hunt for the other guys. Turned out to be for the best because my uncle’s friend shot a nice doe with a slug from his 870, around 9am. But the wait gave me a couple hours to question myself.
    That was a doe, wasn’t it?
    Did I just assume it was a doe because a buck was following it?
    It had all happened so fast.

    From my tree stand, I could see the entire deer except the head.

    10am finally arrived (alright, I’ll admit that I could only wait until 9:55) and I climbed down.

    It was a doe.

    The bullet had hit her temple – both the entry and exit on the same side. I was on the left shoulder when I fired but her head was down. So her head was apparently “in the way.” I didn’t take the time to do a dissection but the bullet must have cracked her coconut and ricocheted away. Because there was no damage to her torso; just the two holes in the noggin.

    She was fat. We estimated her age at a year and half but she was well fed.

    My wife and I dropped her off at the processor and got to East Lansing an hour before the MSU game kicked off.
  14. By the way, I shocked the receiving guy at Bellingar Packing. He was making his usual small talk while we unloaded the doe and he asked what I shot it with. I told him a Glock 10mm and he said, "You mean a Glock handgun? Wow, that’s the first time I’ve got that answer."
  15. First handgun kill this morning with my stock Gen2 Glock 20. 13yd neck shot with Underwood 200gr XTP @1250ish. DRT.

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    Hey!! Great job buddy!!!!!!! Happy man, right there!!
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    Excellent kill. Welcome to GT! :cheers: I hope to get my first this year.
  18. Very nice!!I got my first with a handgun. and the G20SF w/ LWD barrel and a 180XTP @ 1300. It sure does the job with a well placed shot. I will have to try the 200gr XTP. This year I'm hunting with an 870 police and slugs.

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    Ill be using my Longslide again this year with maybe a few days out with the new .44. Mainly 10mm, though.
  20. What part of michigan?


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