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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by glock1911revolver, Apr 22, 2013.

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    My first agency, which I started with in 2010, issued Ruger GP100s loaded with .38+P. This was a state corrections agency. Now, my current agency/duty station issues Berettas, but I generally wouldn't feel undergunned with a wheelgun and a few speedloaders, especially .357 magnum. It's all in how you train; I'm actually much more accurate with the "old school" wheel guns.

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  2. Currently one deputy carries a .357, I think it's a S&W 686+. That deputy is set to retire, he's currently working at the courthouse in their civil division. Good guy, he got into a shooting in the mid 80's, and his newfangled automatic jammed on him, and he had to kill the guy with his BUG .38. He's been a revolver fan since then.

    My agency theoretically allows personally owned handguns, but some firearms instructor got butthurt about not being consulted on some portion of the policy, so he made a stink, and now the agency has to supply both practice and duty ammo, and there's no money in the budget, and the availability is a challenge. He effectively killed the policy. Personally owned rifles are allowed if the armorer signs off on it, and it's approved by the chief.

  3. County Corrections and Court Security allows Service Revolvers, and G19, or 22,23. I still do a tour in Court Security, so it is black basketweave duty gear, and a 4in S&W M10.
    I also qual with my G19 for off duty as well. I have Pachmayer grips on the M10, gives it a gripper platform, and 2 speedloaders. All bases are covered.
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    Any sig or Glock in 9, 40 or .45. Any major brand rifle/shotgun including semi-auto's

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    Where I'm at, those who originally started with wheelguns were allowed to be grandfathered in. But if they ever switch to a semiauto, they can't switch back.

    I know our agency can't wait for the wheelgun crowd to retire, so the agency can stop ordering those Speer Golddot .38 ammo. And also stop training instructors in revolvers and stop sending armorers to revolver schools.
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    We can carry anything we want as long as it is a .40 cal Glock provided by the department.
  7. In defense of the wheelgun here, the San Antonio PD racked up 12 consecutive "one shot stops" with their S&W 58s.
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    Given the relative cost of the ammo and training, any idea why they don't cave and "upgrade" the remaining dinosaurs or set a drop dead date on the guns? My off the cuff guess is that it's to avoid setting the precedent within the agency.

    Any idea how many revolvers are left?
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    Do you work at the Heaven P.D.? :cool:
  10. Department issued Glock 22 only. We can purchase a Glock 22, 23, or 27 for off duty. Command can approve the carry of your off duty (mostly detectives carrying 27s) while on duty. There is a paragraph in our Orders that states we can carry a Sig 2034 or a Smith and Wesson 4006 for off duty but that is being phased out. No rifles. Remington 870 for shotgun (department issue). Also, NO BUG allowed.
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    Isn't 38 ammo cheaper than 9mm, .40 and .45? Maybe they should go back to revolvers? Would "training" cost more or less with a revolver?
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    All hail the .41 mag.
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  14. All sworn personnel carries a Sig P229R in .40. Doesn't matter what detail you're assigned to. My Department will allow personally owned ar15s as long as they are inspected and approved by the dept. armorer. Back up gun can be anything 38/.380 up to .45acp. Off duty is the same as the BUG policy. Not to bad if I say so myself.
  15. To quote the old FTD ad

    "When you care enough to send the very best"
  16. Im allowed to carry whatever duty gun I want, as long as its the issued Glock 22. I had to give up a Wilson Master grade Govt Model series 70 for that.

    Before that, there was alot of Brownings, Colts, Smith autos a few Sigs and later, a few Glocks. Some of the guys still carried revolvers. The biggest problem was the dept provided training ammo. They had to stock .38 special. .357 Magnum. 9mm. .45 ACP. .41 Magnum. .44 Special. .44 Magnum. .45 LC (I know). (and later .40).

    We were authorized to carry Dept shotguns, personally owned shotguns and carbines. So, add 12 GA and .30 Carbine to the mix.

    The range guys had to inspect and keep up with a whole mess of different guns, but, if it broke, you were on your own to get it fixed.

    From a purely practical standpoint, I understand the one gun, one caliber theory...but, there was alot more personality back in the old days.

    A very good friend of mine works for Dallas. He still carries the S&W Model 66 he started with as a rookie over 30 years ago. He is one of the few left. He was grandfathered, we did not have that option.
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    In my experience .38 is about a wash with 9mm when ordered in quantity. However, if you're ordering thousands or even a million rounds of 9mm, I'm sure you're paying much less per round than you would be for, say, 5% that amount of .38.
  18. My policy manual expressly prohibits that as well as .44 mag.


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    How much of it would be people being creatures of habit? What I mean is I shoot (recreationally) Glocks, 1911s, and revolvers. But my targets are made of paper, and don't shoot back. I can take as much time as I want when I switch, and if my first shot is off target, I simply feel like a dumbass.

    If these "dinasours" have gotten very skilled with their wheelguns, wouldn't it be a bad idea to force them to switch? Unlike most non-LEO GT members, I don't like the idea of cops getting killed on duty.


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