Officer Down: Wauwatosa (WI) PD

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by kayl, Dec 24, 2012.

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    It's been bothering me all day. This happened just outside the main fire house. Wauwatosa is a full time FD. I'm amazed nobody heard it, even at the early hour. Even so, that's the heart of Wauwatosa (and very close to where I move next month). How did NOBODY hear it?

    Why wasn't helped called? Why didn't they know where she was? How did nobody know this was happening? Sure seems like an ambush to me, either somebody wanted to kill a random cop or somebody knew exactly who she was and where she would be. Either way, no suspects is unnerving. I can't help but think it's somebody she knew, was comfortable worry, and didn't feel the need to tell anybody where she was or who she was with.

    Tragic anyways, but on Christmas? Heartbreaking.

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  3. Prayers to the family, friends and family of our law enforcement sister. May she rest in peace.
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    very strange...
  5. There is something going on....It "feels" wrong.

    Christmas Eve. Damn. I remember when I got a call on Christmas 12 years ago. Irving TX Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins had been murdered.

    I remember how pissed I was...I wanted to do "something"... but, there was nothing I could do.....
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    I used to be a Reserve Officer there, it's sad day......
  7. RIP Officer Sebena.

    Still can't find any updates. The latest stories said it was a 2hr search to find her. News said she did not respond to a 3am dispatch, officers found her deceased at 5am.
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    The chief tells residents there is no danger to them. and an update to the story mentions that the officers residence is cordoned off and that the husband has not been seen.
  9. Which would make a lot of sense.


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    RIP Sister.
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    RIP Sister . . . :fallenofficer:
  12. TBO

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    As in, the husband killed her?
  14. Dragoon44

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    Can't say anything for sure, but the dept, is being unusually tight lipped about things don't you think?

    You have an officer gunned down and within a matter of hours the Chief is assuring the citizens there is no danger to them. no statements or interview by the husband and why would the couples house be cordoned off?

    The Houston police chief came to town to meet with the chief but no hint that he meet with the Husband?
  15. It isn't looking good for the husband right now.

    RIP Sister

  16. With the public comments thus far, I'm sure all the facts will be released soon.
  17. rest in peace.
  18. In case you are courious re the husband, BEN SEBENA, Google his name and watch him talk in a video on U tube, its very telling,re his war experience...
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