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Office 2007 trial

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by BigDog40, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Ok, my wife wont admit it but she downloaded a trial version of Office 2007. I already had a legal copy of 2003 running XP Pro. Now I cant get rid of the the 2007. Its the end of the trial, and I dont want to buy the full version. If i try to pull up any Word files, I keep getting reminders of the upgrade and cant get back into the 2003.
    I have gone into the control panel Add/Remove but the 2007 just clicks and stays there...


    ..and no, I cant fine my copy of 2003 right this minute. We have moved into a new place and I'm hoping I can find the right box. If I do, I will attempt a re-install.

    Thanks for any suggestions


  2. thanks for the answer, Im fixin to toss this thing out the window
  3. My wife did the same. We both have legal copies of office 2003 pro, and for some reason she downloaded the trial version of 2007 to see the differences. It completely over rid the 2003 office program but we went to the install/uninstal tab and uninstalled the 2007 trial version and that completely restored the 2003 copy.