offered a beretta

Discussion in 'Beretta Club' started by Atomic Punk, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. got a message from a friend last night. was offered a beretta. details were a bit sketchy. pretty sure its either as storm or a 92. will try to get some more details today. and get a look at it when i get home next week. either way seems like a good deal for $500

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  3. A Storm is very different from a 92 and sells for $500 brand new.

  4. Even a 92 series for $500 may not be a "good deal." Kind of depends on the condition of the pistol. A new 92fs or M9 runs around $600 in my neck of the woods and comes with two magazines (just in case the used one only has one).
  5. i know its not a great deal, and im going to look it over real good before i take it home. but i have been wanting a reliable 9mm pistol, and for some reason people seem to be selling, or trying to sell them for $700-$800 in my area. and i mean most any semi auto pistol
  6. Big Time

    Big Time Senior User

    I just bought a new 92fs Compact yesterday for $625.00 plus tax.Not a bad deal at the moment.I'll take it out for a spin hopefully in the morning. :supergrin:
  7. good luck when you get a chance. when i finally got some 9mm ammo i had some fun with my new 92sf. really like the trigger.

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