OD green glocks

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by RyanG19, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Despite the FDE Glocks being out for several months, I haven't seen the OD framed Glocks go down in price yet.

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  2. barta

    barta This is Barta!

    Just posted this on another thread: There is an OD Glock 17 with night sights/extended slide release/trigger job on Gun Broker for $539. Just in case....

  3. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    I just don't see the fascination with OD Glocks. They obviously operate just like a regular black Glock. I guess if they were the same price as a regular black Glock I'd get one because they do look cool, but I just can't see myself paying extra just for a different color. :dunno:
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  4. For me it's something new and refreshing. Iirc the FDE weren't any more higher than black - its now price on supply & demand.
  5. I have a OD 19, would have prefered it to be an all black one. But the price on it was unbeatable, bought an second hand all black when on leave from A-stan and left it in the store to get it back to specs, sight and mechanismwise as it was done to death with some strange adjustable sights and some heavy working inside. The del was to pick it up after my end of tour.

    Someone brainfarted and sold it and I got the brand new OD with added Heines straight 8s on for the SH price that was around 50% off. :supergrin:

    Happy camper and done deal.:bluesbrothers:
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  6. I just purchased a 27 OD on gunbroker for $480. It looks like it only has 100 rounds through. If you are patient, you can find deals on them.
  7. Nice!
  8. uhlawpup

    uhlawpup Gentle Soul

    I have a 2 1/2 and a 3 OD G30s in the safe. I could probably be bought or traded out of one or both of them. My interest has shifted elsewhere.
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  9. AWGD8

    AWGD8 Sr. Glocker29SF

    I have a G39 OD for sale on the Classified....
  10. FYI - if any of you are searching for an OD colorway there's a LGS here in Phoenix selling a G29 gen 3 on gunbroker.
  11. [​IMG]
    OD 19 and RTF 22
  12. rednoved

    rednoved NRA Member

    Last time I was in Cabelas, they had the OD glocks. I don't remember the price.
  13. MeanAction

    MeanAction MeanAction

    I carry an OD G36.
  14. D1N0

    Anyone know if you can still find Glock 19 OD's NIB or LNIB?? I work at a fairly large gun shop but haven't seen one for sale in forever.
  15. I scored an OD G17 for $400 on NorthwestFirearms.com.:supergrin::supergrin::supergrin:
  16. Nice score, I thought the 19 I got thursday for $500 was good deal. Anyone know how hard the od green mags are to come by?
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  17. D1N0

    I'm not sure how many mags were made but the FDE & OD Glock mags are very very rare. Theres not many out there and the last time I saw one for sale it sold for over $100.
    But... If you really want some OD or FDE mags you could cerekote them to the same color.
    A buddy of mine that I work with did it to both his Glock frame and some mags.
  18. You should swing by there and see if they have any left,if they do snag every single one they have,no matter the model.
    Glock hasn't produced the OD in at least a couple of years,I think what you may have seen was FDE, Flat Dark Earth Glocks.
    SJ 40
  19. D1N0

    I think he saw the new production FDE Glocks too. they were contracted through Lipseys and the Cabelas by me got a few of them also.
  20. I would give $100 for one if I could find one. Not a painted one but a real one from Glock.

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