OD green glocks

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by RyanG19, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Where is the best place to find one of these?

    Also are they all priced really high? I was on gun broker and it seems like they all are $700 plus!

    Any help or ideas? Or is that the normal pricing?

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  3. People are ridiculous. I've seen people expecting 650 plus for what amounts to a gun that should cost 450 at the most.

    Whatever... Look around for flat dark earth gen 4 guns. You should be able to get one for around what a new glock goes for, not 200 more than a used one goes for for the OD jack wagons.

  4. I already have a FDE glock 19 gen4

    Wanting to get an OD green to have with it!
  5. i have a od 17,19 and a 26 all new in the box. i will let anyone of them go for $10,000,000,000.99
  6. Lol that's pretty much what I have found so far!
  7. I want a glock 19 OD green to go with this one!

  8. I spent alot of time looking for this as well. I ended up ordering a gen 4 G17 from STG firearms in Arizona and it was $600 for the brand new gun and cerokoting in your choice of OD green, federal brown, sniper grey, or desert tan. They offer gen 3's for around $550 for the same set up. waiting for it to get here now.
  9. Just gotta look...I found a LNIB (less than 150 rounds perfect shape) OD 19 Blue Label (so 3 mags)for $500...I was happy and the seller was happy. Win - Win.
  10. I have a NIB G32 OD, that I have decided to sell. I would rather have a gen 4 G21. I dont want to cause problems, by selling on GT. Check the want ads, after the first week in May, I should have it listed by then.
  11. KS Trekker

    KS Trekker That Guy

    I love my OD green Glocks:


    but I wouldn't pay the prices people are asking on Gun Broker. I'll probably go with a Gen 4 FDE next. Those look pretty sweet!
  12. voyager4520

    voyager4520 -----

    One of my local gun stores had an OD G21 today.
  13. Hey g-chemist: have you bought from them before and do they warranty the cerakote?

    Good option if one would get an awesome price on a used one and get cerakoted.
  14. What really grinds my gears are the KelTec prices! PMR30 and the shotgun. With the FDE gen 4's out, I think those GB prices will start coming down.
  15. I bought my OD Glocks NIB from my local gun store. He had several sitting in a closet. Charged normal Gen 3 prices for them I think he still has a G19 in OD. I would just keep looking around for them. They seem to turn up in local gun stores for fair prices.
  16. Supersport This was the first time ordering from them. Not sure on the warranty.
  17. Thanks g-chem! Sorry for the thread jack but did they have your color preference in stock or had to wait? May have to take a drive from phoenix and check them out.
  18. SWMP15

    Got you all beat.... Detroit PD OD Green G27, Slide, Barrel and Mags marked DPD (Detroit Police Department)






  19. super-That was the only problem I had with STG I had to wait and it took a week longer than they quoted me. I don't think they keep many in stock and when they do they sell them on gunbroker. I found the company on gunbroker when doing searches for OD glocks then ordered from them directly.
  20. Thank you for sharing your experience, brother! Be sure to post a new thread with pictures please!
  21. Super- i already have check my profile and topics its under gen 4 first impressions.

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