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OD Green Champion Slide??

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by thinktwice, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. thinktwice

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    Mar 29, 2007
    North Carolina
    I have a Springfield OD Green Loaded Champion. This is a great running gun, however something has happened to the slide's black finish. It's starting to get little spots on it. I thought it was where I had wiped it down with and oily rag, and didn't rub it in even. Anyway most of the other OD green Champions I have seen have more of a matte black finish anyway. Mine kind of looks semi gloss black, I didn't like it even when I bought it but I got a heck of a deal on it so I couldn't turn it down. Anyway the slide is starting to get this little discoloration and I have know idea why. I haven't put any kind of solvent or anything that would hurt it. I would add a picture but my daughter is using my camera. Anyone know what could have caused this? I really don't like the od green frame that much either, and would like to have the slide and frame done in something else like a matte black or whatever Colt has put on their new rail guns. Anyone know of a good place to send it off to get a good refinishing job done on the frame and slide? Would like to find someone with a good turn around time. Or if anyone has any idea how I can fix my slide how it is?
  2. MStarmer

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    In Jail...

    Feb 26, 2000
    Washington State, Pacific Northwest

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