OBR 7.62 barrel length.

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    Here are some good off the shelf loads.


    .260 is a ballistically superior round in every aspect to the .308. The 142gr. 6.5mm matchking has a better sectional density and ballistic coefficient than the .308 175gr and 190gr. Matchkings. At distance, the .260 blows the .308 out of the water. It shoots flatter and has less wind drift.

    According to this article by Zak Smith, a 140gr .260 carries 87% of the energy of a 190gr .300win mag at 1000yds.

    IMO the only reason .308 is popular is due to its military use. 6mm, 6.5mm, and 7mm are all ballistically superior to the 7.62mm.

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  2. I've been curious about 6.5 Lapua for some time now. I wonder if an AR-10 pattern rifle could be made to work in it....

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    Sure could, it shares the .308 casehead as well. Just have to get a barrel chambered for it.

    Here is another good read on the 6.5mms by Zak.
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    I have learned that lesson a few times myself.:wavey: 9 times out of 10 you spend less money by buying the better item right out of the gate, even though the initial cost is higher.
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  5. This is the damn truth. I have learned this lesson the hard way once or twice - never again.
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    Holy crap! That stuff's $1.50 a pop... Won't be shooting a lot of that. :wow: But of course it comes with superb Lapua brass so at least you have something to reload.

    I don't doubt the long range numbers on the .260 a bit and cartainly if you shoot a good deal at long range the reduced recoil helps as well.

    But at the end of the day there's no magic long range bullet/cartridge. Shooting at 600 and beyond is truly a game of skill and no ballistic coefficient or velocity delta will save you. You either know your come ups and wind dope or you don't. And it really matters not a hill of beans if you have to add 12 clicks right windage and I have to add 15 at 800 yards You either dial it in or you miss. Same with come ups.

    At 1,000 yards a top Palma shooter with 155 grain bullets and iron sights will outshoot a novice shooter with a Nightforce scope and a .260 Remington with 142 grain match bullets all day long. I've seen it with even more experienced long range shots.

    Truly the equipment can give you an edge. But it won't win the day.

    In truth--if you have "work" to do at 1,000 yards (not just punching holes in paper) you will be beter served with a larger cartridge like a .300 Win Mag or a .338 Lapua. There's no substitute for mass when it comes to really getting the job done WAY downrange.
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    All true, I was just saying that a .260 flat smokes a .308. I like my .308s and just spent a lot of money on another one. My argument was strictly on the actual round's performance, not that it would make up for a lack of skill. Although, every little advantage helps when you are shooting on the razors edge of accuracy at distance. Since you can't stuff a .300WM in an AR, the .260 just almost gets you the same performance.

    I would like to have a .408 Cheytac. That is THE long range "work" cartridge at this point it time. Way too expensive for me though.
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