Obama offers new gun control steps

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  2. Who needs a Constitution when they have Presidents that can rule by executive order, and negate your rights under the "real" laws.

  3. The Founders would be spinning but we can't say they didn't Warn us, how did Franklin put it "we have given you a Constitutional Republic if you can keep it". SJ 40
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    I am so ashamed of our current gov't... the white house administration in particular.
    We are probably the laughing stock of the world right now with Obama/Biden in charge.
  5. Anybody actually read it?

    The president's power under executive order is strictly limited. He can not write laws, he can not negate existing laws, and if anything he proposed conflicted with existing law, IT WOULD IMMEDIATELY BE STRUCK DOWN BY FEDERAL COURTS.

    This is a myth that Obama can write law with the stroke of a pen. And he knows it.

    Here are the 23 executive orders he issued, try reading them. THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  6. This is actually a huge deal to those of us whose CLEO won't sign off on NFA items and are forced to use a trust.
  7. I agree. I don't really have a problem with background checks on the people on my trust. I just don't think that we should have to submit fingerprints and get the CLEO to sign off, though. Actually, I don't think NFA stuff should be regulated at all, but I am doubtful that will ever happen.

    There should be some kind of legal repercussion for a CLEO who refuses to sign off and does not give a legitimate reason. My CLEO will sign off, but it is just one more unnecessary step that is implemented to deter people from joining the NFA game.
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    Funny how the word "calculus" shows up in this article.

    Wasn't Obama busy changing his "calculus" regarding the Syrian Red Line?

    Sounds like the new trendy buzz word among the DC elite.

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