Obama forces Catholic Abortions

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by glockman513, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. glockman513

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    I just watched my local news channel and saw that the US Catholic Archdiosies are trying to force a meeting with Barack over his policy that forces Catholic hospitals to perform abortions. Is there any truth to this?

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  2. never heard of this

    but i wouldnt put it past nobama

  3. Texas357

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    No, you heard it wrong. Barak Obama will force Catholics to get abortions.
  4. What the OP is talking about is the freedom of choice act Obama is proposing. A bishop from the archdiases of Chicago was on Cavuto talking about it today. The bishop actually said that if you voted for Obama and knew his position on this issue, it would be a sin for you to get the sacrament.
  5. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member

    Some of these Bishops act as if there is only one issue the Catholic Church cares about.
  6. Thats not how I understood it. I thought he said that if you Voted for Obama, knowing his stance on Abortion, you HAD sinned and NEEDED to take communion to atone for your sin. I don't believe he denied sacrament but he encouraged it. At least thats the way I heard it.
  7. You could be right, but I was raised as a Roman Catholic and IIRC, you cannot recieve the sacrament until you have confessed your recent sins.
  8. My grandmother eats, breathes, and craps religion. All she ever railed about was abortion, how evil it is. She has voted democrat her whole life (she's pretty much a socialist, if Karl Marx ran, she'd vote for him, she's never worked). I never bring up religion or politics (her two favorite topics), but when she brings these issues up, I always smile when I see her get ticked off when I remind her the democratic platform is pro-choice.

    So in a sense, your absolutely right. Abortion in my experience, is an issue most people have a stance on, but don't necessarily vote on it. I'm pro-life, but its an issue I hardly ever think about, since it doesn't effect me directly.
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  10. meshmdz

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    here we go!!!!

    Obama hasnt FORCED any Catholics to have or to condone abortions. You just read some more right-wing bull**** rhetoric, bent on spreading lies about the future President. :)
  11. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    PAGunner, Karl Marx... You mean, you wouldnt vote for him!?!?!?! :rofl:

  12. But I bet he stops all federal funding that the hospitals have been receiving if they don't perform abortions.
  13. 807364

    807364 "Old Salt"

    If I understand this all correctly, forcing the Catholic hospitals to make a decision (condone or else) is exactly what he is doing. If the hospital chooses to exercise their religious beliefs and not murder children then they will be breaking the law, and thus the federal government will have the right to shut them down. If on the other hand the Catholic hospitals bow to the will of Obama and murder children then they are being denied their right to religious freedom.:whistling:
  14. Leftists have for years tried to overturn the Freedom of Conscience law that permits private hospital workers to refuse to perform abortions. With Obama and a Democrat congressional majority they now believe they have the power to force their will on others.

    I've recently read that the Catholic Church has stated it will close down hospitals before they will perform abortions. If that happens I expect the federal and blue state governments will seize the hospitals just as Stalin seized all private property and denied all citizens the right to self-determination.
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  15. I find it highly hypocritical considering the fact that if he were born in the US, which he wasn't, a few years later than he was he'd probably have been aborted himself since he was illegitimate.
  16. FThorn

    FThorn TV/Movie Club

    Best thought in a long time.

    From what I've read it's likely that Catholic hospitals will close due to this. If we won't get armed resistance to all these stupid laws, that's the only choice they have.
  17. If they take public funds then they should be able to provide medical services.

    If its a private hospital with no public money then the government should not have any say in the matter.

    Free Country that we live in does mean some will chose abortion, not for me to judge.
  18. FThorn

    FThorn TV/Movie Club

    I think what will probably happen is the 'parts' of the hospitals will break out. Perhaps it will effect emergency and urgent care. Not sure. But maternity areas might very well just be broken out and handled as a separate entity, with no public/gov interference.

    No, forcing the Catholic church to kill people (call them what you want) is not a sensible thing. They are fundamentally opposed to it. It's religion at its core.
  19. 807364

    807364 "Old Salt"


    Now that is one of the most sensible things I have heard in a long time. Seems odd we live in a world dominated by liberals that tout people's rights to this and that, yet they don't hesitate for even a moment to crap all over the rights of anyone that does not think the way they do.

    People don't like being pissed on, then told its only raining.

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