NRA Instructor Training for GI Bill qualfied vets!

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by Matthew Courtney, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Matthew Courtney

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    Gentlemen, After a 4 year struggle, Louisiana Shooters Unlimited is pleased to announce that we have gotten final approval from the state approving agency, and will on May 31, 2013 become the first institution in the United States to offer NRA Instructor Training paid for by Uncle Sam for GI Bill eligible Veterans and their dependents. We have gotten approval for a 6 month program that will train Veterans for certification as NRA Instructors in 13 different Disciplines.

    The VA will pay your tuition and fees, give you a $500 stipend for books and supplies, and pays you $1300-$1400 per month for living expenses. To enroll, get your certificate of eligibility from your VA rep, and contact me. We are only accepting 50 new Instructor Candidates for the Summer Term, so don't wait!:wavey:

    You read it right. The Obama Administration is going to pay tp have NRA Instructors trained. There is just something beautifully ironic about that.
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