Now I need some load data(G34/IDPA) and where to buy.

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by B_RAD, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. What are y'all loading for IDPA. I'm shooting a G34 and wanting something in 147gr. I use to load 147 Berry's over Clays(can't remember how much) with Federal primers. Can't remember exactly though.

    Where to buy?


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  2. Brad please do a search. You will find lots of recent threads about where to buy reloading supplies.

  3. I did. I don't understand why people have to fire out the "use the search" response. I do just about everytime before starting a thread. I know there's a lot of threads out there that may have the info I'm looking for somewhere in it but I don't really want to sit and read thru every post. Though, I've actually read through a lot tonight! I even did a search for a thread I started a long time ago about IDPA loads for G17. I couldn't find it.

    Just don't comment if it bothers you.
  4. 3.5 gns Titegroup works for me when I use 147, which isnt often. I prefer 124s.
  5. Yeah, Clays & heavy bullets in the 9mm, not for me thanks. I like W231 or WSF or Unique, but run them at full speed, 900fps or so.
  6. Are you trying to make major?
  7. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    G34/IDPA no major in 9mm for IDPA. Minimum is 125 Pf.

    I prefer 124g FMJ these days backed with 4.1 TG at 1.135 makes 1110 average out of my G34. 136-138 PF
  8. Right now I'm just shooting IDPA. Trying to make a 125 pf. Can you make major in 9mm? If so, it be great if it also made major. I'm sure I'll want to USPSA later.
  9. Boxerglocker

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    Yes, you can... but real open guns in 9mm major run in the $3000 range, even a Glock 17 set up for major is gonna cost you at least $1200 to set it up right.
    With a 124 JHP in 9mm you have to make an average 1370 Fps for major, that's giving a little cushion.
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  10. I dint shoot USPSA so I'm just worried about SSP 125pf for IDPA.
  11. Boxerglocker

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    Stick with a FMJ of your bullet weight choice, buy a pound of powder at a time till you find something you like. Primers what ever is cheap... it's a striker fired Glock pretty much anything will work... I went through 10K in wolf last year and 10K of Magtech too.
  12. So why not buy some reloading manuals? they are chock full of data.
  13. ron59

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    You don't even have to "do a search" for the "where to buy" part of your question.

    The "popular" thread "Reloading Costs and New Ammunition" discusses that in detail.

    For the load part... yeah, searching here and Brian Enos's site is the best way.
  14. I'm sure I will at some point. I was just wondering what people were using that have the same gun and that are shooting the dame competition were loading. I don't think any of the manuals I've ever seen call out loads for a G34 shooting IDPA.

    As far as where to buy I know you can buy from Midway but some of their prices seem high.
  15. You said you searched, did you look at the stickies and see a sticky called "List of Suppliers"...

    Also, I wouldn't rely solely on what someone on the internet told me, but it's your gun. Did you see the guy a few months ago who was loading to ridiculous levels w/ Titegroup? Now he said he safely shoots that load, and he might, but TG isn't a powder to be playing games with.

    Get a couple of manuals, or at the very least, use the powder manufacturers website for load data. Not everyone on forum has safe loading practices.

    Also, just because a load functions well in my G34, doesn't mean it will in yours. The same can be said of factory ammo.

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  16. To answer your question, I've been using the following loads in my IDPA G34 over the past year. As always load at your own risk.

    Out of stock Glock barrel using 147gr Montana Gold with OAL at 1.130"

    VV N320 3.5gr
    Titegroup 3.4gr

    Out of Lone Wolf barrel using 147gr cast I load 3.0gr WST.
  17. What mold do you have for the 147gr?
  18. This is what I have been using and really like:

    4.6 grains Winchester 231 powder
    Montana Gold 9mm 124gr JHP FMJ bullet
    Cartridge Overall Length 1.1

    Small Pistol Primers, 1,000 - $25.00
    Powder, 1lb - $15.00
    9mm 124gr JHP bullets 3,750 - $300.00

    Cost per round: $0.15
    50 rounds: $7.25

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