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NoVA Glockers

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by SergeantC, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hi, all:

    I just learned that I have been picked up for a 1-year deployment to Fort Belvoir, VA, with a target report date in early November. I am a Reservist, with no job right now, so this is easy for me to do, aside from the additional experience in my MOS that I can acquire.)

    What shooting ranges are in the Fort Belvoir area? Gun shops?

    How about GTers I might be able to meet?

    And, equally important, where are some good places to visit? (I'm hoping to see some of the area while I'm stationed there, especially some of the battlefields, etc.) How about good restaurants?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Welcome to the Old Dominion!

    For starters, there is the NRA HQ fairly close by. Great firearms museum and the gun range is below the building, 50 yard stations.

    Probably one of the best gun shops around ia Virginia Arms in Manassas.

    There are may gun shows in the area. Subscribe to the VCDL-Alert ( ) and they list all the local shows in their news letter (free). While you are there sign up for the best grass roots 2A organization in the country.

    To many battle field to mention, best to get a guide book, but yuu can start with the Manassas Battle field, stop by on you way to Virginia Arms. You are around 90 miles of sop from Gettysburg.

  3. Gilberts Small Arms Range is right near by Belvoir.

    There also is a new one being built near the old Shooters Paradise on rt. 1.

    As AG said, lots of battle fields around. I'm about 2 minutes from Manassas, do a lot of hikes there with scouts.

    May want to look here:

    Even though you are in the Army you'll enjoy the Marine Corps Museum. Then there's all the museums and stuff in DC, the new Udvar Hazy air and space museum at Dulles, just tons of stuff to do around here.

    As for food, there is anything you could want around here.