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  1. DON'T be so darn CHEAP!!

    Revolvers and Tula steel cased ammo do not mix. Yes, I know most of you already knew this, but I'm silly and just had to try it for myself.

    I took the 7.62 rifle to the range today... had to sight it in all proper like. Sighted in better than expected using various Russian steel cased ammo. 1" group in bullseye at 100 yards using a bench rest and open sights.

    Found some cheaper Tula steel cased ammo for the .357 magnum revolvers too. :innocent:

    Ok, so the Vaquero fired all six well, but extracting :holysheep:!! I almost needed a hammer!

    The SP101 did better, but extraction was tougher than with brass. As the cylinder heated up, the extraction became tougher.

    Next time, I'll spend the extra 5 bucks for brass.
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  3. I don't use steel cased ammo in any of my handguns.

  4. Alcoy

    good to know.

    being a cheap person myself.

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