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  1. I was a member a long time ago, but I am back because I bought a new toy the other day...A Glock 22 Gen 4. I wasn't going to get it but the price got me. It was on sale for $380 and it came with the case and 3 15rnd mags. I couldn't say no...It was easier to ask for forgivness than permission from my wife...LOL So now I have a G19 and a G22. I am a NRA member, AUSA member, AAAA member and soon to be VFW member...I will be hanging up my boots in about 7 months and starting a new chapter of my life. Will be heading to Embry Riddle to start work on a Bachelors of Science in Professional Aeronautics, then on to a Masters in Aeronautical Science hopefully...

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  3. :welcome: and congrats

  4. Welcome back!
  5. Welcome to GT!
  6. :welcome: and thanks for your service! :patriot:

    I think you'll enjoy that g22 gen 4! That's what I've got and it's been nothing but fun. And, yeah, great price! "But, honey! It was on sale!" :rofl:
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